President of a Corporate Event Planning Business, 20 Years

Life Coach, 20 Years

This is my story

Hello, my name is Cindy Paine. I am a life coach with Ama La Vida. For the last 20 years I have changed thousands of people’s lives through individual sessions, workshops, lectures and retreats. The foundation of my work is the journey to Optimal Well-Being. My mission is to promote living your best life, no matter the circumstances!

My training has been multi-faceted. My journey began in my 20’s when I completed the Landmark Education Program, courses designed to enhance communication and transformation. I continued my studies focusing on Man/Woman Relationship distinctions and conflict resolution. I enhanced my studies with Neuro-Linguistic programing. I have been educated in a variety of personal growth, communication, and coaching techniques.

My life’s work and passion led me to write my first book, Clear-Connect-Create: A Powerful Path to Self-Love. I use the Clear-Connect-Create Formula to help my clients change their lives, their relationships, careers, finances, health and well-being. My second book, Transcend Your Diagnosis: Mapping a Path to Optimal Well-Being supports anyone going through a challenging time with a step-by-step process.

I look forward to working with you and supporting you on your journey.

My Coaching Approach

I use my method I call the Clear-Connect-Create Formula. Using powerful tools and techniques to clear limiting beliefs and fears, connect to your gift’s talents and abilities, and assist you to create a strategic plan of action with accountability to ensure the achievement of your goals.

What my clients say

Cindy is a very insightful coach, an empathetic mentor and inspirational retreat leader. Her deep research, training and her own life experience enables her to add value for groups and individuals, whether the need is to help solve the thorniest business and people issues, provide guidance through life or career changes, or to teach the more metaphysical aspects of achieving big goals. She is flexible, fun to deal with and her rates are reasonable, although maybe not for long since she is in the process of writing a bestselling book. I’m delighted to recommend her. ~ NANCY OLIVE Force Multiplier for Visionary Leaders | Chief of Staff, Chief Growth Officer, Consultant | Ex-P&G, Ex-Frito-Lay, Owner

I have been working with Cindy Paine, primarily as a Life Coach, using her Clear, Connect, Create process, since 2013. On a personal level it has been extremely successful in guiding me through a variety of challenging situations. Professionally her techniques gave me tangible ideas on difficult meeting preparations which resulted in successful sales outcomes, or visualizations and focus techniques which have helped me attain my sales goals the last two years. I recommend her programs for people looking for an opportunity to create new outcomes in all areas. ~ Carrie Brasie Trusted and Innovative Sales Leader and Storyteller | Listen and Learn | Inspire and Transform

Cindy is an expert in techniques that open you up to accepting alternative choices to help you pursue your goals. Particularly adept at recognizing one’s situation and adapting mental exercises and methods to discover one’s self. She helps you use visualization to work through and develop ideas and goals toward personal and business subjects. I would highly recommend her services. ~ Les Joffe, Commodities Buyer

I highly recommend Cindy for her personal coaching expertise and style. Whether your focus is professional or personal, she is highly attuned to what you want to manifest and how to go about it. Across individual coaching sessions, group retreats and her book, she is a true professional and a gifted teacher. ~ Emily Everson, Communication Manager, Cisco

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