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03/01/19 - Nicole Wood

Calling all job seekers! We’re back with 9 cool jobs for you to check out. Even if you’re in the beginning phases of your job search, give these a look. You may find a new idea or inspiration!

Our clients and community are looking for unique jobs in a fun environment. These jobs should reside within organizations which prioritize people and culture and provide exciting ways to make an impact beyond the mundane 9-5. We are particularly interested in positions which don’t neatly fit into an obvious career path box (e.g., doctor, lawyer, accountant). If you know of a job that you think would be great for us to share with our community of driven career-transitioners, you can submit it here for us to consider for a future post!

Title: Associate Director, Market Research

Company: Exact Sciences

Location: Madison, WI

Why we like it: In this position you’ll play a critical role in advancing Exact Sciences’ mission of detecting cancer at its earliest, most treatable stages. Direct from a source within the company, Exact Sciences really embodies a people centric culture where growth and development are a key focus. They’ve done experience maps, there’s an in-office book club (most recently on on Senge’s 5th Discipline) and they take annual Gallup surveys to heart (e.g. the avg. PTO increased by 1 week for all employees based on last year’s feedback). This is a place where you voice is truly heard.

Read more and apply here.

Title: Operations Coordinator

Company: New Moms

Location: Chicago, IL

Why we like it: New Moms is an organization we at ALV have been supporters of for a long time. They provide young mothers and their children with safe and stable housing, a path to employment, and the tools they need to learn and develop strong parenting skills. This unique, wrap-around approach results in deep and lasting change and interrupts the cycle of poverty for two generations. This position provides high visibility as it reports to the Director of HR & Operations, and works closely with all staff to ensure seamless service delivery across all New Moms locations.

Read more and apply here.

Title: Experience Ambassador

Company: Dabble

Location: Multi

Why we like it: If your idea of a fun Saturday is a pottery class with friends, this opportunity may be a dream come true! Dabble is a community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique experiences in their local city. Dabble Experience Ambassadors are energetic networkers with a keen eye for fresh, exciting, and unique learning and local experiences. They have diverse interests and experiences, giving their perspectives a distinctive edge. Dabble Ambassadors have a good sense of their city and the people who live there. They jump on creative, new chances to share ideas and skills by curating classes and experiences with engaging and knowledgeable teachers and hosts in interesting locations. If you want to unleash your creativity and get on board with a fast-growing, female founded company, look no further.

Read more and apply here.

Title: Audio Marketing Coordinator

Company: SeatGeek

Location: New York, NY

Why we like it: Love marketing and podcasts? Well this position might just be made for you. As an Audio Marketing Coordinator, you’ll be focused on driving SeatGeek’s position as a leading audio advertiser. You’ll guide the growth of their audio advertising program and stay on top of the latest developments in podcasting, radio and digital audio. Some of the perks include $120/mo to spend on live events tickets and annual subscriptions to Citibike, Spotify and meditation services!

Read more and apply here.

Title: Papa Pal

Company: Papa

Location: Multiple

Why we like it: Do you absolutely love grandparents? Us too. What a wealth of knowledge, experience and joy comes from our interactions with the seniors in our lives. Geared toward college students, Papa provides companionship and support for senior citizens. As a Papa Pal, you can earn some cash while enhancing the lives of those around who you may not have other family nearby. Our hearts are full just thinking about you clicking that apply button!

Read more and apply here.

Title: Human Resources Manager

Company: CTI

Location: San Rafael, CA (remote work a possibility)

Why we like it: As we mentioned in this blog post, CTI is one of the top coach training programs in the world, and we highly recommend it. This job provides you with the opportunity to become involved with the very exciting coaching industry as CTI helps others pursue their coaching dreams. As an advocate of the People and Culture function, the HR Manager will be a key player in the recruitment of staff, and in supporting the organization’s ongoing transformation into a leadership development company. In this role, you’ll have flexibility to work partially remotely.

Read more and apply here.

Title: Senior Manager

Company: Peritius

Location: Chicago, IL

Why we like it: At Peritius you get the dynamic, challenging work of management consulting with the laid back culture of a 40-hour work week. Peritius takes a human-centered approach to consulting, where the impact on people is as important as the impact on the business. If you enjoy the nature of traditional consulting work, but you are looking for a different cultural and environmental experience, this could be the perfect place to do it. You’ll also be supporting a women-owned small business.

Read more and apply here.

Title: Digital Product Manager of Mobile Loyalty

Company: McDonald’s

Location: Chicago, IL

Why we like it: Have you heard about McDonald’s amazing new West Loop office? With monthly organized events, massive outdoor spaces, an 8000 square foot gym, and an onsite McDonald’s serving international favorites, this office helps the team connect with each other like never before.  In addition to the fun atmosphere, this position gives you the opportunity to shape the future of McDonald’s loyalty program and help to bring that program to live via its mobile app.

Read more and apply here.

Title: Associate Manager, CX Operations

Company: Glossier

Location: New York, NY

Why we like it: If you’re anything like us, you’ve been continually accumulating every one of Glossier’s product. Joining this company means you’ll be getting on board with a female-founded startup which is projected to become a unicornIf you love operations, beauty products and a fast-paced environment, look no further.

Read more and apply here.

If you’re excited about one of these roles, but you’ve been struggling to get the attention of employers, book a free consultation with us here. Our career coaches are standing by ready to help you land very a cool new job!

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