9 Cool Jobs: e-Commerce Companies Hiring

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04/03/20 - Gabby Vicas
e-commerce companies hiring

Our clients and community are looking for unique jobs in a fun environment. This edition of 9 cool jobs focuses on e-commerce companies hiring for cool, fun jobs. With everything going on with COVID-19 many people who are looking for a job have felt stuck. This list is to give you a jump start on your job search; not even a pandemic can get in your way of landing a cool job! Right now we are particularly interested in companies that are currently in the process of hiring. If you know of a cool company hiring, you can submit it here for us to consider for a future post!

Now, onto the list of cool e-commerce companies hiring!


Why we like it: Practically overnight Zoom gave us the ability to maintain some level of normalcy in our businesses, our educations and our daily lives. Zoom is a video chat platform with screen sharing capabilities, to ensure we’re having meaningful conversations with the people that matter most. Here at ALV, we have used Zoom for the past 4 years and it’s been such a pleasure to watch them handle COVD19. They are giving away some of the features on their paid plans for free to help provide a connection experience for the people who need it most in the weeks to come. 

If you are interested in available jobs Zoom at you can find the list here.

Stitch Fix

Why we like it: Who all is really wanting some new clothes right now but can’t go out? Yeah, me too. This is why stitch fix is so cool, clothes delivered to your door and they’re picked out just for you based on your style! If you like this concept then you may also want to work for them. Their jobs come with benefits, and we especially love that they say “We take what we do seriously. We don’t take ourselves seriously.” 

If you are interested in available jobs at Stitch Fix you can find the list here.


Why we like it: I know I’ve probably said this before, but I love Chewy. Not just because they are pet centered, but because they really go the extra mile for their customers. Just like humans have needs, so do our pets, and that means people are still buying from online pet supply stores like Chewy. They offer their employees benefits like 401k, insurance, and competitive salaries! If you have a passion for animals and the humans that take care of them, there may be some job opportunities on this list for you!

If you are interested in available jobs at Chewy you can find the list here.


Why we like it: iHerb is all about affordable supplements. If you work for them they have some really cool perks! They offer tuition reimbursement, free snacks, and some really cool events that they put together for their employees. They have a Technology, Operations, and Corporate department, so you have a variety of job options!

If you are interested in available jobs at iHerb you can find the list here.

Moda Operandi

Why we like it: Moda is a high end fashion company. They are online based and connect their customers directly to the designers that they work with. If you are an employee with Moda Operandi you are able to work in a dog friendly office with a casual dress code. Plus they have happy hours and company outings, yes please!

If you are interested in available jobs at iHerb you can find the list here.


Why we like it: I mean, what’s not to love about having food delivered to your door? Postmates is a food delivery company, and with everyone staying inside right now, delivery services are super popular. From the research I’ve done, it sounds like a great work culture for their office jobs! They will provide you with whatever you need to stay creative and efficiently work, there is also a stocked kitchen with healthy snacks. Oh, and my personal favorite, they have workshops and massages to make sure that you’re in tip top shape both physically and mentally!

If you are interested in available jobs at Postmates you can find the list here.

Grove Collaborative

Why we like it: Grove Collaborative is known for its natural home, personal care, pet products. They have a cool mission and are environmentally friendly. They plan on planting 1 million trees in the next few years. While also saving a lot of plastic with their reusable glass containers last year. In addition, employees get good benefits, including a free VIP membership plus 25% discount! Not to mention, they have really high Glassdoor reviews. 

If you are interested in available jobs at Grove Collaborative you can find the list here.


Why we like it: This app is a personal favorite of mine. It has a lot of listings of new and used items that you can either buy outright or offer the buyer a lower price. Anything from electronics to kitchen items you can probably find what you are looking for at a decent price. Mercari is currently hiring for several different types of jobs, but of course you can decide to sell things on their app too! If you decide to apply for a job at the actual company it comes with full benefits, catered meals, and events! 

If you are interested in available jobs at Mercari you can find the list here.


Why we like it: If you haven’t used Loom before, it’s pretty cool. I use it for recording screenshares if someone needs help with something computer based. Along with sending welcome videos to our clients. When working at Loom, they have some really awesome values that they live by which you can find on their website. My personal favorite value that they list is “Embrace the Weird.” So all of you weirdos check out the job openings they have right now!

If you are interested in available jobs at Loom you can find the list here.

If you’re excited about one of these e-commerce companies hiring, but maybe you are struggling to get the attention of employers? In addition to all the work you have done, you can try booking a complimentary consultation with us here. So, our career coaches are standing by ready to help you land a very cool new job!

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