9 Cool Jobs: Companies Hiring in Chicago

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05/01/20 - Gabby Vicas
companies hiring in chicago

Our clients and community are looking for unique jobs in a fun environment. This edition of 9 cool jobs focuses on companies hiring for interesting roles in Chicago, IL. There is a lot of uncertainty during the Covid-19 pandemic, but companies are in fact still hiring. If you are in the Windy City, this list may help you with your job search! 

If you know of cool companies hiring in Chicago, or elsewhere, you can submit them here for us to consider for a future post!

Now, onto the list of cool companies hiring in Chicago!


Why we like it: MATTER is the hub for healthcare innovation in Chicago. It is a startup that began in 2015 but has rapidly grown each year. MATTER currently has a Venture Acceleration Associate position open. In this role, you will set the strategy to grow the MATTER entrepreneur member base and work to recruit these entrepreneurs who are pushing the healthcare industry forward. Click the link to join a very cool company whose work is important now more than ever.

To learn more and apply for the Venture Acceleration Associate position at MATTER click here.


Why we like it: Discover is hiring for a few different tech and engineering roles right now. The company prioritizes work culture and giving back to the community which is why it hits our cool company list. It also has a number of diversity and inclusion and career development programs offered to employees which are critica.. Not only that, but Discover offers some cool perks: Vacation time, anniversary awards, mother’s rooms and tuition reimbursement just to name a few! 

If you are interested in available jobs at Discover in Chicago you can find the list here.


Why we like it: Growing up, if you had a Motorola Razr you were one of the cool kids. Well, now you can be a cool adult and work for Motorola because it has a number of job openings right now. Positions from business development to tech to internships, there is likely one that fits what you are looking for. Motorola also offers benefits like performance bonuses and parental leave. When the world gets back to normal office life, you can expect happy hours with your co-workers, casual dress and a kitchen stocked with snacks! 

If you are interested in available jobs at Motorola you can find the list here.


Why we like it: If your company wasn’t using Slack before, you probably are now. At ALV we LOVE Slack. It’s great for communicating with our co-workers and keeping up to date on company happenings as well as serving an online community for our clients! As for their employees they have some awesome core values that they live by. One of my favorite perks I found on their website is that they pay 100% of healthcare premiums for employees and their families. Slack also puts emphasis on getting to know your working family but not staying in the office 24/7.

If you are interested in available Chicago jobs at Slack you can find the list here.


Why we like it: Tempus, one of Chicago’s leading startups, is a company that aims to equip doctors, patients and researchers with data to help enhance treatments. That sounds like a pretty cool mission to me! The company has some pretty unique benefits for its employees too. You can expect unlimited vacation, free transportation after 8 p, and an onsite barista. I don’t know about you but they had me at coffee. There are several science-based job options to choose from as well as a few non-science roles. 

If you are interested in available jobs at Tempus you can find the list here.


Why we like it: NowPow helps communities find services for their healthcare needs through intelligent resource networks. It is located near the lakefront, so talk about views. It also offers several benefits including matching 401k, generous PTO and self care days on top of that! In case that wasn’t enough for you to check them out, it also has an innovation challenge accompanied by prizes as well as fun events and happy hours.

If you are interested in available jobs at NowPow you can find the list here.


Why we like it: If you have done anything in sales you have more than likely heard of Salesforce. This large CRM company has a strong work culture expressed in Glassdoor reviews as well as through its core values listed on their website. Salesforce employees enjoy some great benefits including paid tuition, parental leave, adoption assistance and a lot of other resources and perks for parents! 

If you are interested in available jobs at Salesforce you can find the list here.

The Mom Project

Why we like it: The Mom Project is all about creating a world where women don’t have to choose between their career or having a family. So if you are looking for a company that empowers women and helps other companies see the benefits of doing the same, then look no further. Its benefits include health plans, paid parental leave, subsidized lunch, remote opportunities, generous PTO and 401K plan. Not to mention The Mom Project’s most recent advisor is Serena Williams!

If you are interested in available jobs at The Mom Project you can find the list here.

Built In

Why we like it: Built In is a great website that has job listings in major cities for tech companies and startups. Every company that is on its site has a profile where you can learn more about the culture, the benefits the company provides and the mission of the company. Built In itself is also hiring for several positions! The company promotes from within, has a casual dress code and provides 401k matching and more! 

If you are interested in available jobs at Built In you can find the list here.

If you’re excited about one of these cool companies hiring in Chicago, but maybe you are struggling to get the attention of employers? In addition to all the work you have done, you can try booking a complimentary consultation with us here. So, our career coaches are standing by ready to help you land a very cool new job!

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