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04/26/19 - Randi Hill
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Our clients and community are looking for unique jobs in a fun environment. These jobs should reside within organizations which prioritize people and culture and provide exciting ways to make an impact beyond the mundane 9-5. We are particularly interested in positions which don’t neatly fit into an obvious career path box (e.g., doctor, lawyer, accountant). If you know of a job that you think would be great for us to share with our community of driven career-transitioners, you can submit it here for us to consider for a future post!

Title: VP Of People

Company: Zapier

Location: Remote

Why we like it: Zapier is one of our favorite things here in the Ama La Vida office. You want to automatically move data, merge calendar events, or track transactions?! There’s a Zap for that! This position is focused on growing the team and developing the people you can’t afford to lose. If you’re someone with strong leadership skills and the ability to foster high levels of accountability through coaching, career development, and performance management. Check out this job!

Read more and apply here.

Title:  Group Product Manager – Growth

Company: MailChimp

Location: Atlanta, GA or Brooklyn, NY

Why we like it: Manager of Growth! Yes, please. Your role will include setting direction, removing obstacles and barriers, assessing business impact, as well as developing and coaching a team of Product Managers who are mapped to specific parts of the customer journey. This position is empowered to have a significant impact on how our users experience the core value of our product. If you’re passionate about user experience and customer success, this could be your dream job!

Read more and apply here.

Title: Product Manager

Company: Audible

Location: Newark, NJ

Why we like it: Are you a team player who loves collaboration, clarity, and communication? In this role, you would leverage all of those skills and more while working with key stakeholders to develop and define products. Also, Audible – what more could you ask for?! A good job and all the audiobooks you could ask for! I’m calling it a win.

Read more and apply here.

Title: National Sales Manager

Company: Catchco

Location: Remote/Chicago, IL

Why we like it: CatchCo is one of those unique companies you can’t help but love! With high focuses on people development and personal development, they are an amazing group to hang out with. You’ll spend your free time embracing the outdoors and covering your Instagram feed in cool photos of all the fish you catch. With the option to be remote or on the ground in Chicago, it’s really just a win-win situation!

Read more and apply here.

Title: Junior Brand Designer

Company: Clearcover

Location: Chicago, IL

Why we like it: In this role as a Junior Brand designer you get to design and see your work in action. You’ll be creating social content, videos, infographics, and more! Personally, I love the thought of a job where 70% of my time is spent creating still content and the other 30% is spent creating video content! How cool is that?! As a bonus, Clearcover offers amazing benefits and with a home base in Chicago you can spend your weekends at Cubs games!

Read more and apply here.

Title: Accounting Manager, Europoe

Company: Away

Location: London

Why we like it: Away is a luggage company so even though accounting isn’t the most interesting job…The 5 weeks of vacation and access to any Away products to make your travel as smooth as possible have made me suddenly interested in accounting! As a bonus, this role is based in London, so if you’re willing to kick off your career at Away, it’s time to pack your bags and start a new adventure.

Read more and apply here.

Title: Human Resource Business Partner

Company: Ulta Beauty

Location: San Diego, CA

Why we like it: This role has a high focus on people development and talent retention within the organization. The golden point here is that you get to spend some time traveling around for work while being located in San Diego and getting to enjoy the sun, the beaches, and the weather in your evenings and weekends! If you’re ready to get into the beauty industry with a passion for people, this is one cool job!

Read more and apply here.

Title: Community Manager

Company: WeWork

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Why we like it: I don’t know about you, but I’m obsessed with community and relationships. This job is for a social butterfly looking to make connections, create a team, and build a space that people love to be in – this is the job for you! They are looking for someone with the ability to multitask, who has excellent communication skills, and loves to go above and beyond for their customers!

Read more and apply here.

Title: Customer Support Specialist

Company: Glassdoor

Location: Uniontown, OH

Why we like it: Glassdoor is at the front end of all you could ask for in a job description! They provide the business world with so many resources, job postings, and company reviews we quite literally won’t know what to do without them! This role is focused on supporting the customers and giving them an exceptional experience. If you’re empathic and approachable they are looking for you!

Read more and apply here.

If you’re excited about one of these roles, but you’ve been struggling to get the attention of employers, book a free consultation with us here. Our career coaches are standing by ready to help you land a very cool new job!

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