9 Cool Jobs to Put On Your Radar

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11/12/18 - Nicole Wood

We are kicking off a new series called “9 Cool Jobs to Put On Your Radar.” Many of our clients come to us to support their journey to discover a new career path through our signature ALV Method coaching program. We’ve seen time and time again that it can be challenging to identify creative new job options that you haven’t already thought of. This series will help to get those creative juices flowing and to help you open your mind to new career possibilities. Many of these job postings will be inspired by the new chosen fields our clients have landed on through our career transition coaching. We hope you enjoy this series and find it useful!

Our clients and community are looking for unique jobs in a fun environment. These jobs should reside within organizations which prioritize people and culture and provide exciting ways to make an impact beyond the mundane 9-5. We are particularly interested in positions which don’t neatly fit into an obvious career path box (e.g., doctor, lawyer, accountant). If you know of a job that you think would be great for us to share with our community of driven career-transitioners, you can submit it here for us to consider for a future post!

Title: Senior Experience Design Consultant

Company: Slalom

Location: San Francisco, CA

Why we like it: This position offers the variety and fast-paced nature of consulting with no travel! Slalom’s innovative consulting model is highly focused on culture and its people. This consulting role offers the opportunity to work with the Bay Area’s top companies on experience and design.

Read more and apply here.

Title: Yoga Retreat Leader

Company: Trip Tribe

Location: Multiple

Why we like it: This is a great side-hustle option for yoga instructors or those with a passion for travel and a yoga teaching certification. Trip tribe also has the ability to lead a variety of different types of retreats which you can browse here. Travel to all of your bucket list locations with a group of other like-minded travelers and make money while doing it!

Read more and apply here.

Title: Product Manager

Company: InVision

Location: Remote

Why we like it: Well remote work opportunity for starters! This position offers the opportunity to work cross-functionally and provides the satisfaction of seeing your work come to life. InVision offers a competitive salary and additional perks like a coffee house budget.

Read more and apply here.

Title: Process Improvement Manager

Company: ShipBob

Location: Chicago, IL

Why we like it: This role offers a variety of experiences from process design to project management to implementation. You will work closely with cross-functional leadership in a growing startup environment. There is an opportunity for some travel and company stock options.

Read more and apply here.

Title: Client + Production Manager

Company: Work + Shelter

Location: Chicago, IL

Why we like it: If you want to make an impact in women’s lives, this is an incredible opportunity for you. Work + Shelter produces customizable promotional items via its facility in India which provides job opportunities to women. This role will offer a lot of variety day-to-day, opportunities to travel to India and a great feeling of satisfaction knowing you are making a difference.

Read more and apply here.

Title: Senior Talent Development Specialist

Company: West Monroe Partners

Location: Chicago, IL

Why we like it: West Monroe Partners provides the resources of a big firm but with a startup feel. In this role you’ll work with smart people, receive competitive pay and get to build out core curriculum and develop next generation of leaders.

Read more and apply here.

Title: Senior Environmental Designer, Experiential Marketing (3D)

Company: Refinery29

Location: New York, NY

Why we like it: Could we find a more fun company and a more fun role?! Join Refinery29’s experiential marketing team, and dive right into the exciting times happening in experiential events and installations like 29 Rooms. You’ll get to challenge your creative limits and see your dreams come to life!

Read more and apply here.

Title: Financial Analyst

Company: DRW

Location: Chicago, IL

Why we like it: As DRW self-describes, this job lies at the intersection of finance and technology. The company has a great culture as evidenced by its Glassdoor scores and offers an interesting opportunity for those who want to use their analytical skills in an innovative way.

Read more and apply here.

Title: Email & CRM Marketing Manager

Company: BlueMercury

Location: Washington D.C.

Why we like it: Hello… discounts! This role offers a unique combination of creativity and analytics. Live and work in DC’s cool Georgetown neighborhood and join a quickly growing beauty brand. This is the perfect marketing opportunity for you beauty junkies out there!

Read more and apply here.

Even if these particular postings aren’t exactly right for you, we hope they help you generate some new ideas and get excited about the job market. If you’d like to chat with a certified career coach on our team about your transition, fill out this form, and we will match you with the right coach for you. If you have a job opportunity that you think would be a great fit for our community, share it with us here!

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