Are You Waiting For The Dust To Settle?

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01/25/19 - Teague

Buckle up and get ready to take some notes, today we hear all about my interview with ALV Co-Founder, Foram

Foram and her family moved to the United States from India when she was 9 years old, and she had the impactful experience of watching her parents make incredible sacrifices in order to create a full and happy life for her and her brother. Foram’s drive to do things well for others led her to a career in healthcare consulting, and she ultimately knew coaching was her best next step when she worked with a leadership coach during her master’s program. She states, “Change was always hard for me, and I hadn’t made any significant improvements in myself personally even though I’d read books and articles and attended workshops. I experienced the power of coaching and its impact when I was being coached. I immediately began making behavior changes and I fell in love with the impact that coaching can have. I knew I needed to go into coaching to be a catalyst for individuals in their development.”

I love that Foram’s career path wasn’t crystal clear when she started out. It was a big leap to go from healthcare consulting to business and leadership coaching – and an even bigger leap to co-found her own company. Fortune certainly favors the bold! When I asked her about what wisdom she would share with her younger self (one who I bet looked a lot like her absolutely precious six-month-old daughter), she had a lot to say. “You have a gift for paving your own unique path – so own it, and don’t doubt it, and remember that everything happens for a reason. And for the love of God, calm the F down and enjoy life a bit more!” If I was planning on a new tattoo, those might be the very words I’d get on my body. But I digress. Foram also notes, “Enjoy the journey when you’re on your way to achieving something and take pride in being a learner.”

What really struck me during my interview with Foram is that she continually lives out Ama La Vida’s culture commandment #7 – if you’re waiting for the dust to settle, you’ll be waiting forever. Her plans didn’t always guarantee success, and in both business and in life, she takes big leaps without always knowing where she’ll land. Foram’s courage is a driving force in our company, and we are so glad to have her. I hope this glimpse into her world and her wisdom serves as inspiration for you in your next great adventure.


This week’s challenge

We’d love for you to experience the power of our Ama La Vida culture commandments. This week, we challenge you to live out #7 that Foram does so well with. In what area of your life are you waiting for the dust to settle before taking your next leap? Maybe it’s your job, or your relationship, or your home environment – this week, we want you to get crystal clear on where you’re dragging your feet. What can you do to kick the dust up and keep making progress?


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