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Build Your Own Career as a Freelancer

Business traditionalists believe freelancing is strange and uncertain, but young talents understand the benefits of being your own boss. If you are thinking about launching a freelance career, rest assured you are not alone as nearly 60 million people already contribute to the US gig economy. According to some reports, freelancers could even make up […]

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job interview anxiety

After spending hours filling out one job application after another, you’ve finally managed to get an interview. Though some companies require a phone interview in the early stages, what really matters is the on-site interview when you get to sit down with the hiring committee. There’s nothing easy about putting yourself out there, especially in […]

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As a Career Coach, I am always asked, “Are cover letters required?” The question when preparing your job materials (resume, LinkedIn, interview prep) seems to be one at large. Then comes further questions, “Where do I begin when writing a cover letter? Is a cover letter relevant or important today?” Since these are questions I’m frequently […]

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