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job interview anxiety

After spending hours filling out one job application after another, you’ve finally managed to get an interview. Though some companies require a phone interview in the early stages, what really matters is the on-site interview when you get to sit down with the hiring committee. There’s nothing easy about putting yourself out there, especially in […]

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how to write a successful letter of interest

So, you’re ready to move on to the next chapter of your life and start working somewhere new? Great, but you need to make your future employer realize you’re interested. How? Writing a letter of interest is a sure-fire way to show them why you want to work for them, but more importantly why they […]

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weakness in an interview

We all hate that dreaded question when it inevitably comes up during a job interview; what would you describe as your weaknesses? What are you supposed to say? I mean, you could be brutally honest about what your weaknesses are. However, you’re only going to be left feeling as if you’re not going to get […]

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how to send a job interview follow up

Finding a job is a complex task, with many different steps and a lot of opportunity for failure. It’s simultaneously made more simple and more complex by technology. On the one hand, you are able to connect much more directly with potential employers and to find many more work opportunities. And yet, on the other […]

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how to interview: how to hit curve balls

In the first three installments of this series, we laid out the proper ways to prepare mentally for an interview, how to navigate the Q&A process, and how to effectively follow up with your interviewers.  Taken all together, that provides a nice road map for a clean process with no surprises. This edition we’re going […]

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How To Interview: The Follow Up

Welcome back to our How To Interview series!  In the last installment, I covered how to nail the all-important question-and-answer process that will make up the bulk of your interview experience.  But as any hiring manager will tell you, that process is only the first stage in winning the job. In order to explain why, […]

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Transition Tales: From Management to Associate

Welcome back to Transition Tales, where we hear the true stories behind people’s bold decisions to leave the comforts of work they know to pursue work they love. In this edition, we’re telling a transition tale from management to associate. What I admire about this Transition Taler’s (TT) story is that he was proactive and […]

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