11 Chicago Tech Companies Raised $7B+ in Funding in 2021 (and 1 is working with ALV)

Career Enrichment, Women Empowerment
01/24/22 - Libby Micheletti

We are proud to be a Chicago-based company. We believe in our city and we love to support and partner with local businesses as they embark on their journeys of growth. Which is why we’re thrilled to see one of our partners, project44 raising capital to continue expanding their reach! They have been recognized as 1 of the top 11 funding recipients in Chicago in 2021 by BuiltIn Chicago.

Both of these firms have shown an incredible commitment to their growth, not only in the technology they develop and the problems they solve, but also their commitment to their teams and company culture. 

In their own words, “Growth at project44 is a constant,” said Ivana Savic-Grubisich, Director, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Culture at project44. “1:1 coaching is a transformational experience requiring self-reflection and self-awareness, traits we seek to bring into our daily work. I’m thrilled that our first cohort will have this individual and group journey filled with lightbulb moments, challenges and accomplishments. This program is bringing together project44 talent from around the world to inspire innovation for our global supply chains, from a diverse perspective, at a time when it is needed most. We believe in our women and the impact they will have on the future successes at project44.”

Congratulations to Project44 on your funding! We can’t wait to see where you go!

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