Networking 102 + Best Networking Groups for Women: Seattle Edition

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03/19/19 - Randi Hill

Last time we chatted we talked about how to approach networking and how to have a great experience meeting new people. This time, I want to give you my favorite tips about how to crush the follow-up. 


number one Get the Business Card

Have you ever tried to follow up with someone without contact information? Chances are you haven’t because you can’t. If you don’t have contact information of some sort, I don’t even know how to go about following up with them? Maybe you rent a billboard and put your number on there? Aside from the logistical nightmare of publicly displaying your contact info, there is the whole other train of thought that they may not even see it. You can bypass all this by just asking for a business card! Be prepared to give one of yours, however, it’s best to take ownership of the follow-up and make sure that you don’t leave the ball in their court.

number 2 Connect on LinkedIn.

If you aren’t a huge fan of business cards, make sure that you pull out your LinkedIn app and get a connection request sent. You can either do the classic name search or you can follow these simple steps and use the LinkedIn QR code option.

In the LinkedIn App, you can push that little icon in the search bar box and this screen will pop up.

You can either show people your code or tap the word “scan” to scan someone else’s. LinkedIn has made connecting easier than ever!

number three Take some action.

If you went the business card route, let’s talk about that email.

Try to send a follow-up email within a few days. It doesn’t have to be an over the top email, however, make it clear that you had a great chat and are looking forward to chatting/seeing them again soon. I recommend using a subject line like “Nice meeting you at <place you met them>” or “Super Glad we got to chat at <place you met them>.” Make it easy for them to know what the email is regarding before they even open it.

If you haven’t connected on LinkedIn yet it’s helpful to take the same approach in a note when you send a connection request. Be intentional about where you met them and potentially suggest another day to reconnect.

number four Follow up, again.

I know, you’re probably thinking, “Randi, this whole article is about following up, I don’t understand.” Well, let me assure you and hopefully regain your trust. People are busy. They are really busy. Chances are your email may get lost in their inbox, or after you connect on LinkedIn the conversation may drop off. Don’t be afraid to shoot them another email or another LinkedIn Connection request after a week or so.

Ready to put your networking and follow up skills to practice? Here are some of my favorite networking groups in Seattle for you to check out!

Group Name: General Assembly Seattle

Where you can find them: @generalassembly

Why I like them: I love General Assembly because they are at the forefront of teaching technical skills to the majority of society. They believe that you don’t have to work a technical role to have the skills and knowledge to work in a technical company. They are always busy hosting workshops, events, and classes to help you launch your career.

Group Name: The Riveter

Where you can find them: @theriveterco

Why I like it: The Riveter is a female-founded co-working space in Seattle, Los Angeles, and soon to be Austin! They are a great place for members and non-members alike with classes, events, and programs for all. They are the best of both worlds when it comes to connections and community.

Group Name: The Creativity Loft

Where you can find them: @thecreativityloft

Why I like it: The Creativity Loft is an up and coming space for women to work, meet, and take classes in. It’s a female-founded space created for artist expression and healing. Founded right after tragedy struck this space is both a dream come true and an adventure waiting to happen. With a full calendar of events for artists, creatives, and entrepreneur’s maybe it’s time we joined a co-working space! 

Group Name: Seattle Womxn Collaborative

Where you can find them: @SeaWomxnCollab

Why I like it: This group plans events that are across women’s groups. My friend personally knows the women in charge. Events are hosted quarterly around the city. An informal collection of professional women’s groups in Seattle coming together to build a supportive, resourceful community.

Group Name: Collective Seattle

Where you can find them: @thecollectiveseattle

Why I like it: The Collective Seattle is a diverse community of members built on adventure, shared ideas, and purpose. It’s a genuine place to cultivate relationships and find a voice for conversation. They pride themselves on being a refuge from an active busy life creating space to reset and reenergize with lots of evolving experiences.

Group Name: Women Catalysts – Seattle

Where you can find them: @womencatalysts

Why I like it: With mottos like “Networking doesn’t have to suck” & “kick ass, take names, send thank you notes” how can you not love this group already? With events in SEA, LA, and SF they are catalysts for women all over the west coast. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up, show up, be curious, collaborate, and celebrate!

Event Name: Daring Women Seattle

Where you can find them: @daringwomensea

Why I like it: Here the most fearless females in Seattle will come together to talk innovation, growth, inspiration, and leadership, where women from across all industries will share stories on the challenges and triumphs in business and life. The conference will feature interactive panel discussions and talks by executives on diversity and inclusion, owning your leadership style, cultivating a balanced culture and challenging standards. The day will conclude with a power hour cocktail party to build authentic connections and a community of Daring Women.

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