Transition Tips: When You’re Promoted

Achieving Goals
07/28/20 - Brooke McCord

This edition of transition tips is focused on navigating the changes when you’re promoted in the workplace.

You work hard, you put in the hours (sometimes too many hours), you execute the tasks, and you go above and beyond as often as you can. 

One day, you’re finally recognized and get promoted – congratulations! 

Your hard work paid off, and now you get to reap the rewards – maybe that’s more money, more vacation time, better status, etc. It’s easy to think that a promotion is nothing but good and positive, but it is still a transition, and with that can come stress and changes in areas you might not be immediately aware of. 

While we typically think of promotions as a change in title, sometimes they can mean a change in responsibilities (e.g., being able to hire an intern or assistant, owning a project, spearheading a new business avenue, training others). It’s important to remember that not every promotion ends up with the corner office in a skyrise; some promotions are smaller steps to help you achieve that bigger goal.

Every promotion comes with stress because you’re navigating something new.  

Let’s talk about tips that can make when your promoted difficult, and the steps you can take to assist you in making the transition more smoothly.

What Makes This Transition Hard


With a new promotion usually comes new and more responsibilities. Your workload increases in ways you’ve never encountered, and it can be overwhelming! Stress comes up and can knock you off your game, which is not a great feeling when you’re trying to shine in your new role!

Work/Life Balance 

A promotion usually comes with both work responsibilities and time increasing. That might mean more hours in the office and less at home, or even taking work home with you. Blurred is the line that separates work and home, and that can have an effect on you and those around you. Read this helpful article about managing Work/Life Balance Shifts.

It’s All So New!

Maybe you have never managed an account before, or had a direct relationship with a client, or trained anyone before. You feel like you’re in over your head and like you might mess up at any moment. Things have to change when you move into a new and higher role. This article provides some helpful tips on the 7 Things that Need to Change When You Become a Manager.   

Impostor Syndrome

When given something good or receiving praise, it’s common for people to say that it was a fluke or they just got lucky. Lessening yourself won’t do anything but prevent you from showing up as your true, rockstar self. Don’t mitigate your hard work and effort! You worked hard and you earned your place – be proud and own it! If you’re interested in learning more about the types of impostor syndrome that are out there you can take a peek at this blog post. If you’re ready to take a deep dive in the topic of impostor syndrome, you can watch this webinar recording

What Makes It Easier

Find a Mentor

While this is all new to you, most likely someone has been in your shoes before and has insight that they would love to share. If your company doesn’t offer a mentor/mentee program, take the initiative to reach out to someone who has been in your position before and connect with them. Don’t worry about bothering them – most people want to share their knowledge and expertise! 

Manage Expectations

A promotion can bring about increased stress levels that affect you at home, work being taken home when it wasn’t before, or spending more time at the office rather than at home. This promotion, this great opportunity, can have a negative effect on your home life. Communication with your family and those closest to you will help tremendously. Determining, managing, and sticking to agreed upon expectations will help set yourself up for success!

Plan Ahead

Schedule your next week ahead of time to set you up for success. This will help you feel more grounded when moving into the next week, will set yourself up for success on Monday, and eliminate future surprises. For some, setting aside half an hour on Friday afternoons to plan for the week ahead is very beneficial, practical, and sustainable. 

Talk to Your Boss

In your first month, schedule a meeting with your boss to discuss: the role, the expectations, onboarding process/training, communication style, etc. Talking these things through will set you up for success and allow you and your boss to be on the same page. 


Stress can take over and prevent you from doing your job in a way that would make you proud. If you cannot reduce your stress inducing tasks, then figure out how you can decrease your stress. Some popular stress reducing activities are exercising, meditation, reading, getting enough sleep, and having meaningful conversations with loved ones. If you’re fighting Imposter Syndrome, come up with a mantra to fight your feelings of inadequacy. Find out what works for you and make it a priority in your life.

Congratulations on the promotion! You have worked hard and you deserve it. *Breathe* and remember these transition tips when you’re promoted- know that it takes time to get up to speed and that’s okay. You’ve got this!

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