How To Use Your Passion To Make Money

09/20/21 - Grace Murphy

It is common for people to use the words “creative” and “artistic” interchangeably. While the terms are undoubtedly linked, there is a subtle difference between the two. Being artistic refers to individuals with a specific skill set that allows them to create works of art like painting or music. On the other hand, creativity refers to using imagination to develop new things or solve problems. With that in mind, all artists are creative, but not all creatives are artists.

Obviously, some artists can make a living by selling the fruits of their labor, but can the same be said for creatives? The answer is a resounding yes. Read on for some tips on how you can monetize your creativity.

Consider Your Passions and What You Are Good At

The first stage of turning your passion into something profitable is to ascertain what it actually is. Some people mistake their passion for a blue-sky dream that they have written on a vision board. While this could align with your creative goals, your passion is more accurately what you want to spend your time doing. To isolate your desires and how to monetize them, ask yourself what things you want to do each and every day.

Once you understand your passion, you then need to align this with your current skill set. This is often overlooked, but to effectively profit from your passion, you need to understand where your talents lie. Aligning your passions and skills is the best way to develop a sustainable career from your creative interests.

Develop a Platform Using the Internet

Whether you decide to begin writing a blog, start a podcast or post videos on YouTube, using the internet as a platform to let your creativity shine is one of the best ways to monetize it.

YouTube is undoubtedly the most profitable platform for earning from creative endeavors. This website has around 2.3 billion active users. The sheer scale of the platform and the variety of users means that you will undoubtedly find an audience for your content using it.

The beauty of creating content on YouTube is that it can be directly tailored towards your creative passion. For example, if you are passionate about makeup, you could begin posting tutorials on your YouTube channel.

While it is easy to start posting on the internet, you must work hard to maintain your efforts. You should regularly upload content to effectively grow your following. Once you have reached a certain level of popularity, you can begin monetizing your content through advertising or affiliate links. Additionally, you can capitalize on your dedicated followers using fundraising sites in exchange for exclusive content. Check out this list of the best fundraising sites on Givebutter to find one that suits your needs.

The internet can also be a valuable way of selling your services directly to clients. If you have decided on a creative hobby you think you can monetize, you should start using the internet to directly target your audience. Use social media accounts on sites like Facebook and Instagram to reach out to prospective customers. Depending on what services you offer, you could also sign up to specialized websites to promote your content. For example, sites like Fiverr are great for advertising your creative passions to paying customers.

Image of paint brush and pencil.

Think About How You Could Make Something Better

Often, monetizing your passion is all about how you can improve the current situation in the market. For example, say you love to play the guitar. While it may not be practical to quit your job and begin touring around local bars, you might have more luck creating a guitar repair business. Consider what establishments are present in your area, and if you spot a gap in the market where your creative passion could be helpful, this could be a valuable opportunity.

Another way you can look at this is how your passion can make the current situation better. Imagine you are passionate about cooking but aren’t sure how to make it a career. In that case, you should consider what things make your cuisine unique. It could be that you only use organic produce or that you cook decadent, vegan meals. Harnessing what makes your style unique can help you stand out from the crowd and make consumers more willing to use your services.

Hold Classes or Workshops

Many people treat their creative passion as something they need to jealously guard for fear of someone else taking their unique talent. As a result, many try to keep their creative processes a secret to prevent their ideas from becoming common knowledge.

While this thought process is understandable, it is entirely misguided. If you begin holding classes, it is not just your students who learn and improve their skills. The more you share with others, the more you learn yourself. This makes teaching one of the most effective ways for creatives to get better at what they do while also generating an income.

You can teach offline by joining a local college or institute as a part-time teacher. This can be perfect for those looking to use their creative passion as a side-hustle before pushing into a full-time career involving their passion.

Additionally, the rise in online teaching provides a brilliant opportunity for those looking to monetize their creative passions. You can sell courses online using platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, or even through your personal website/blog. While creating effective courses isn’t the most straightforward thing in the world, it can be massively rewarding to see your students progress.

In Conclusion

On the whole, there is a common misconception that you cannot make money from your creative passions. In reality, the tools available to creatives nowadays make this a legitimate career move for those who want to work with their passions. Social media platforms and content-sharing websites have made earning from your creativity a viable option these days. Another great option is teaching, which can be an excellent way to supplement your income by using your creativity as a side-hustle. 

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