How to Support and Encourage Your Employees’ Career Advancement

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06/22/20 - Grace Murphy
career advancement

It is a well-known fact in the business world that when employees are engaged, they can help with your company’s growth. To keep them engaged in this way, you should find ways to provide perks which can help them with their career development and advancement as well as help them improve the quality of the job they do. Even though most employees can handle more responsibilities, some training may be required to make absolutely sure they can. Training, giving them more responsibilities, and giving them a career path to follow are all good ways of ensuring your employees remain engaged and can advance their careers.

Here are a few ways to encourage employees’ career advancement:

Give Them Learning Opportunities

Courses, conferences and other learning avenues are critical for an employee’s advancement. This is especially true for younger employees who are hungry to learn and climb the corporate ladder. As for executives, companies may offer them more advanced learning opportunities like work relocation. This is a good way to develop their skills and add higher value to their company. To ensure a smooth move domestically or internationally for C-suite employees, consider ARC executive relocation. Giving your employees these learning opportunities is also a good way of ensuring they are up to date on what is happening in the wider industry. Because of this, they are better able to work within your industry, provide better value to your company, and have no hurdles to jump when they get promoted or choose to move to another company.

Provide Open Communication Channels

Almost every employee has their fair share of frustrations, ambitions, and expectations. If you want to help them advance their careers, it pays to take a keen interest in all these things. A good way of doing this is taking some time to meet them. This way you can have some personal conversations about who they are and what they are interested in.

Once you do this, you will be in a better place to understand what they need, and this can form the basis on which you chart a clear career path for them, either inside or outside your company. 

using communication to help encourage your employees' career advancement

Offer Feedback Regularly 

It is important that managers and business owners take some time to conduct annual reviews. During these reviews, they can talk to the employees about their improvements and areas they are lagging behind. These meetings and reviews are also a good way to talk to them about their contributions to the company. Along with offering praise for what they are doing right.

When looking at the areas they have improved on, and where they are lagging behind, it is important to use a skills matrix. This tool allows you to see their development in the past year. If you want this information available at all times so that you do not have to have a lengthy preparation session before your meeting, use skill management software. 

Skills matrix software allows you to see your employees’ skills plus the areas they have improved on. This makes it easier to direct them to areas they are not doing so well in. It also makes it possible to realign their tasks and responsibilities to areas that would help them advance their careers easily. AG5 is a company that provides skills management software for other companies, human relations heads, and operations managers who would like to see the skills matrix of any employee. Their software saves time and it’s easy to use. It also allows you to see any information about any employee in a few clicks.

Encourage Mentoring

Every company should have a formal mentorship program as there are so many benefits of doing so. These are very helpful for employees looking to advance their careers. And as they do, they offer more value to the company. This way, everybody wins. Mentoring can transfer knowledge from more experienced employees to new or younger ones. While allowing the older employees to get vital insights into the technical know-how younger employees often have.

using mentoring as a method to help advance your empoylees' careers

Every business and employer should have clear avenues for their employees’ career advancement. The plans that you put in place will depend on your business. Just know that when you do this, everybody wins.

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