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08/19/22 - Nicole Shipper
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As a female-founded small business with a passion for helping others achieve their dreams, we believe in celebrating the wins of our community.

Every month, we feature one Founding Female and the golden truths they acquired throughout their journey. We are endlessly inspired by the courage, grit, determination, and impact that our fellow Female Founders make on the community, and we hope you find that their stories inspire you, too.

Check out August’s feature, with Nicole Shipper, below!

There are many mantras I say daily to myself on this journey! The most blaring one for me right now is that friends and family are there to support you but not to be your top clients. I read a quote once stating that you won’t get rich from friends and family, you must inspire strangers.

When you are building a business and making a living off of it, you cannot be offended by those that do not understand. They don’t know what they don’t know. Friends and family will indirectly hurt you over and over again, but you must not take it personally or hold it against them. Simply continue moving forward and never lose sight of your goals, whatever they may be. This is a hard truth but I have found it’s the most important thing for me to remind myself in the day-to-day grind. Always look forward and pay attention to those that want your services or products, they are your golden clients – focus all your positive energy and vibes there and not towards those who do not yet understand what you are building!

It’s not up to anyone else but yourself to measure your success. Friends and family might have different standards, or have never considered starting their own business, so again, move past what they may think or say to you, and keep pushing forward.

~ Nicole Shipper

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Nicole Shipper

Nicole Shipper is the founder and lead trip designer at Trips by Nic. Trips by Nic is a luxury-adventure travel advisory company whose mission is to help its clients see the world and connect with others as they grow and learn from new cultures and experiences. Clients having meaningful experiences is their number one priority! Check out her website or connect with her on Instagram.

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