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02/08/19 - Randi Hill

We are back with 9 more cool jobs to inspire you! Whether or not you are actively job seeking, these may give you some interesting new career path ideas. Don’t forget to submit your jobs to us to publish if you are currently looking to hire for a cool job! 

Our clients and community are looking for unique jobs in a fun environment. These jobs should reside within organizations which prioritize people and culture and provide exciting ways to make an impact beyond the mundane 9-5. We are particularly interested in positions which don’t neatly fit into an obvious career path box (e.g., doctor, lawyer, accountant). If you know of a job that you think would be great for us to share with our community of driven career-transitioners, you can submit it here for us to consider for a future post!

Title: Bento Customer Success/Support

Company: Bento For Business

Location: Chicago, IL

Why we like it: We know a customer success job might not seem like the coolest thing, but hear us out. Bento covers your lunch, a gym membership, unlimited PTO, office exchange programs, health and dental insurance and a stocked kitchen. They are committed to respecting their employees’ time and doing the right thing. (It’s sounding pretty cool now, huh?)

Read more and apply here.

Title: Design and Sales Associate

Company: Interior Define

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Why we like it: Have you ever wanted to customize and build your own furniture? Well, thanks to Interior Define you can! Not only are they an innovative furniture company, but they believe work should be as comfortable as their sofas. They offer lots of potential for growth within the company, sponsored lunch on Fridays and flexible vacation plans. You get to build your own couch, your own career and your own life! What more could you ask for?!

Read more and apply here.

Title: In-Store Graphic Designer

Company: Outdoor Voices

Location: Austin, TX

Why we like it: I don’t know about you but I love being active and doing things! Going for a run, a hike and sometimes even a climb. Outdoor vVoices is a company created by people who share the same passion for doing things. They call themselves “casual recreationalists.” It’s no surprise the benefits include free apparel and lots of recreation. Also – graphic design, talk about our childhood dreams come true!

Read more and apply here.

Title: Contract Curriculum Designer: ELL

Company: eSpark Learning

Location: Remote

Why we like it: If you haven’t heard yet, remote working is what this world is coming to. ALV CEO, Nicole, talked about it in this post. Aside from the position being remote, you also get to create: content, videos and other resources to support their science curriculum. If you love science, have great attention to detail, have excellent time management skills and would consider yourself a self-directed learner this may be the holy grail of cool jobs.

Read more and apply here.

Title: Head of People Analytics

Company: Gusto

Location: Denver, CO

Why we like it: Do you love data and love people? This role is perfect for you! With a high focus on using data to improve recruiting, development and talent management programs, you will spend your time working with the people leadership team including the Head of People. If you’re an agile team member with strong communication skills and focuses on client experience, inclusion and growth, this could be the job for you! Also – Denver, talk about a winter sports hub.

Read more and apply here.

Title: Community Manager

Company: Stack Overflow

Location: New York City, NY

Why we like it: With company-wide focuses on servant leadership, collaboration, transparency and inclusion you’ll play an integral part in building and improving communities throughout the company. You’ll spend your time writing blog content, mediating Q&A’s, identifying ways to innovate the processes around your role, mentoring existing communities and so much more. The best part is you can do it either from home or from their private office in NYC.

Read more and apply here.

Title: Head Of UX

Company: AppCast

Location: Arlington, MA

Why we like it: Design thinking in the workplace is a very up-and-coming trend. If you are ready to be a peer to the CTO and the Head of Product, they are looking for a candidate who can improve the usability of their current work while developing team members to reach their peak. While managing, developing and strategizing can seem like a lot you get to have a direct impact on the work they create.

Read more and apply here.

Title: Senior Product Manager

Company: Calendly

Location: Atlanta, GA

Why we like it: Aside from the fact that we use Calendly to schedule all of our coaching sessions, we love it because you’ll geta large part in defining the vision and strategy for Calendly. You get to gather and prioritize feature requests from anywhere you choose. With flexible remote working options, commuter benefits, happy hours and so much more it feels like an overall win. Or maybe that’s just the beautiful weather talking?

Read more and apply here.

Title: Staff Accountant

Company: Sittercity

Location: Chicago, IL

Why we like it: Sittercity is reshaping the way we think of childcare which is why we had to put them on the list! With support for remote working environment, to a stocked snack bar in the office, you get insurance, paid time off, industry leading maternity and paternity time off. Oh, and subsidized use of Chime for your own personal childcare services.

Read more and apply here.

If you’re excited about one of these roles, but you’ve been struggling to get the attention of employers, book a free consultation with us here. Our career coaches are standing by ready to help you land a very cool new job!

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