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The workplace has long been a hotbed for female inequality. And the sad truth is, there hasn’t been much improvement over the past decade. Here are a few facts about women in the workplace: On average, women earn about $0.81 to every $1 that men earn. Only 22% of C-suite executives are women. 35% of […]

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how to start a small business from home

Starting a small business from home can offer countless benefits. This includes greater flexibility over your working hours and the freedom to create your ideal working environment and choose your work schedule. You will also have the opportunity to scale your business, build a reputable brand, and achieve your long-term financial goals. Setting up a […]

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sports medicine degree

Playing sports is a great way to remain physically active. Sports, regardless if it’s played for leisure or competition purposes, can help individuals manage weight, control blood sugar and insulin levels, improve mental health, and reduce risks of heart diseases. Playing sports can provide a wealth of benefits, but suffering from injuries can prevent someone […]

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