“If you fight for your limitations, you get to keep them.” — Jim Kwik

My health took some big hits this past month. I started out strong with more soccer and taekwondo until I tweaked my ankle. Then my knee started hurting. Then I pulled my groin muscle. Before I knew it, I was unable to participate fully in any of the activities that bring me joy. I’ve been down this path before, so I know it can go one of two ways. If I fight for my limitations, I may experience more injury, feel sorry for myself, or throw the rest of my health routines out the window. If I fight for my health, I may be reinvigorated to reframe my perspective and focus on my recovery.

I refused to embrace the limiting belief that I was broken and couldn’t do anything about it. I chose to fight for my health and adapt my move-forward recovery plan accordingly. I’m currently a work-in-progress focused on rest and healing. While I haven’t made it to the finish line just yet, I know I’ll be stronger—both physically and mentally—for it. This is the belief I need to keep cultivating in order to keep moving forward.

Start Moving Forward

Are you ready to stop feeling stuck with your goals and start moving forward? If so, I invite you to reflect on the following: 

  • What limitations are holding you back?
  • If these weren’t true, what would you be doing instead? 
  • What is one thing you are willing to try now to start making progress?
  • What do you need to believe in order to move forward?

I invite you to toss your limitations aside and embrace your possibilities instead. Take care and here’s to your happiness and health!

Coach Sara

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Sara Dawson

Sara is a career and wellness coach with Ama La Vida. You can get to know her and book a free consultation with her here: https://alvcoaching.com/team-sara/
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