Health Coach Certification, Health Coach Institute
Human Potential Coach Certification, Bulletproof Training Institute
Co-Active Coaching Program, Coaches Training Institute
13 years Marketing & Advertising Leadership
B.A. Communications, University of Washington

This is my story

Hi! My name is Sara Dawson, and I am a Health and Career Coach with Ama La Vida. I’m originally from California and spent several years in beautiful Connecticut, though Seattle is my true home. I love exploring the outdoors with my husband and dog, and equally enjoy being a homebody with our two cats. You can also find me playing soccer, practicing or teaching Taekwon-do, running marathons, snowboarding, or enjoying chill time with family and friends.

Prior to becoming a full-time coach with Ama La Vida, I led the Seattle Advertising Services and National Business Operations teams for a large digital agency called Publicis Sapient. I was responsible for account management strategy, operations management, and employee development. In my former life, I also leveraged my communications background to execute recruitment and branding campaigns as well as large-scale corporate event registration.

While I enjoyed leadership coaching as part of my agency role, I wanted to expand the ways I could support others through coaching and this led me to Ama La Vida. Coaching is my ultimate passion! I especially love applying my corporate and health experiences in support of my clients’ personal and professional goals.  

I firmly believe everyone needs a strong health foundation to be at their best. I started my own self-improvement journey after enduring 20 years of weight loss and confidence struggles. I was tired of yo-yo diets, the shame from having an eating disorder, and the pressure of hiding an unhealthy obsession. I was overloaded with insecurities, never comfortable in my own skin, and feeling like I was never good enough. These crappy feelings impacted my relationships and my job satisfaction as I distanced myself from others. I retreated into my own thoughts and continued to do less of the things I loved as fear and self-doubt took over. I knew if I didn’t make a big change, nothing would EVER be good enough and I would be stuck with a mediocre life as a shell of my true self.

After hitting my wall, I finally took action and found the right diet, high-performance lifestyle, and mindset through tons of research, trial and error, and guidance from my own coach. I’m so grateful to have discovered the confidence and freedom to live my best life! Now, as a certified coach, I enjoy helping my clients bridge that gap between where they are and where they want to be as quickly as possible in all aspects of life. If you are ready to elevate your life and realize your potential, let’s chat! I look forward to connecting with you.

This is My Coaching Approach

Am I the right coach for you?

My coaching approach combines the right system, support, and accountability so you can begin elevating yourself in the areas that are most important to you. Through our coaching relationship, we will co-create steps forward in your health, career, and life. I believe everyone has a unique approach to health and happiness and I will help you uncover yours. I support clients who have found success in certain areas of their life yet struggle in others, including confidence, work/life balance, new business momentum, career transition, job satisfaction, weight loss, stress management, presence, and self-sabotage.

The kinds of outcomes my clients have ultimately achieved include:

• Weight Loss
• Career Transition
• Greater Job satisfaction
• Mindset Shift
• Greater Self-Confidence
• Lower Stress Levels
• Greater Presence
• Leadership Growth
• Learning how to bounce back after falling off the wagon
• Discovering a sustainable approach to lifestyle and nutrition

How I would describe my style and expertise:

• Supportive
• Authentic
• Transformative

Expertise in:

Mindset growth:
Understand how your values and lifestyle factors affect your motivation and achievement of goals

Leadership and Development:
Learn how to get “unstuck”, cultivate a healthy work environment, and create stronger employee engagement

Career exploration:
Find meaning in your current work or something new

Weight loss:
Discover sustainable lifestyle-focused changes vs. “quick fixes”

Nutrition and Health:
Learn sustainable approaches to eating and lifestyle

Client Testimonials

I have to say what a wonderful coach Sara is. During my sessions Sara worked with me to improve my LinkedIn, resume, networking, interviewing skills, and job search methods. I could tell you about all the things we did but results are more telling.One of things we focused on was the content on my linked in as well as using it to reach out to make more connections. Last month I was contacted (COLD CALL) by a recruiting company, asking me to apply to a new job opportunity within a transplant / serology testing company (I work in organ/tissue donation). The salary offer for this position is more than double what I currently make, which absolutely floored me and is really a testament how effective Sara’s coaching has been. I applied for the job with my new resume, and I actually got an initial phone interview this Friday. Of course it’s not about money in the end but I am honored to be considered for such an amazing opportunity and absolutely floored that this is happening in the middle of a pandemic with poor job prospects. I am so grateful for all of Sara’s time and effort, I am eternally grateful for all the wisdom she has given me. I feel that without our time I would have been stuck in the same old loop of applying to jobs and not getting them. I really feel that she has enabled me to launch a great career, whether it’s with this company I’m interviewing for or another one in the future. From my very first call with Lori (my relationship strategist) she told me not to undervalue myself. Never in my life did I think I would be considered for such a great opportunity. Thank you and all your coaches for what you do. In this time of great uncertainty it has boosted my confidence to know that I can reach for positions like this.

Ama La Vida truly has changed my life. I chose this program out of many others because they clearly outlined the tangibles I’d receive at the end of the program. They totally came through on what was promised initially. I left with more confidence, motivation, direction, a solid career choice forward, and a better understanding of myself as a person. Working with Sara was like looking into a mirror. We were so well suited for each other. She totally put me at ease and I felt like I was just chatting with a friend. I cannot recommend them enough!

Prior to my experience with Ama La Vida, I was quite lost in the job search. This program gave me the confidence that I know the opportunities that are right for me and I know how to convince others that it is, too. I think this program is unique in that it combines best practices. The journey is made completely your own through the reflection piece. The coach is there as a guide, consultant and cheerleader (shout out to Sara Dawson in particular)! I found life-lasting advice and confidence to navigate and to own my career choices.

I have Sara Dawson as my coach. She has been my coach for the last two years. She kicks ass! Sara is a true professional and I love having her in my corner. She is quick, thoughtful, fun, genuine, and full of helpful ideas. I can come into a session frustrated and she knows how to evaluate me, make some suggestions and lead me to a better outcome. I can come to a session on point, and she will guide to grow. I just wanted you all to know she is doing a tremendous job.

I appreciate ALV, and I believe in the process.

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