9 Habits for Transforming Your Career Now

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03/24/20 - Cliff Jones
habits for transforming your career

Nothing is more important than your mindset when the world is taken by storm. This article is about dealing with the uncertainty of your job and creating habits for transforming your career when you’re in limbo.

If you’re one of the millions of workers affected by the recent coronavirus pandemic, it’s essential now more than ever to sharpen your leadership mindset and networking skills. It’s far too easy to slip into a coma of fear, isolate, and get trapped in darkness.

How is the team at Ama La Vida dealing with tough times for our leadership team, employees, stakeholders, partners, and clients worldwide? One of the most powerful habits we focus on is remembering our purpose; to help you love life, including your job, small business, or career.

how to love your life when your career is in limbo

What’s the best way to “love your life” when the world seems as though it’s falling apart when we read mainstream media? Choose the Ama La Vida leadership mindset and take a proactive stance for making a difference now more than ever. Why let anything hold you back from realizing your dream career track? Nothing can hold you back when you believe in yourself and you do the work to develop a leadership mindset.

Our leadership mindset is: Resilience 

One of the most important lessons we can learn from resilient leaders who have been through traumatic and life-changing events in the past is how they’re able to remain positive, healthy, and thrive. How can you thrive, sharpen your skills, and take your career to the next level while others are living in fear, down in the dumps?

Here are 9 healthy habits for transforming your career:

1. Accept what is

Accepting things beyond your control is one of the fastest ways to shift your mindset into a peak leadership gear. If you suddenly find yourself stuck working from home, or without the certainty of a steady paycheck, do your best to accept the fact that you are where you are, and vow to let go, and move on.

2. Practice awareness.

If you’re stuck where you are, practice being mindful and more aware of your feelings. For example, if you feel fear, shame, guilt, doubt, or other negative feelings, stop what you’re doing. Take a few moments to breathe consciously, step back from the thought loop or task at hand, and observe your feelings. That’s it. Observing your feelings honors empowers you to shift into a better viewpoint for making objective, emotion-free choices in times of uncertainty.

3. Believe in goodness.

Resilient leaders believe in their mission, vision, and purpose even more during tough times. Believing in yourself is an important aspect of success because you’re more likely to remain confident and clear when you face uncertain times or fear. Believing in something bigger than yourself is how you emulate the world’s best leaders. Believe in goodness and nothing can slow you down.

4. Be grateful.

Even if you’re not happy or certain about your current career path or job, be grateful for where you are as best you can. Find anything you can be grateful for and write it down. Make a list. Review the list and add to it every day. Being grateful gives you a focus that keeps you from wallowing in fear.

5. Hold a family meeting.

If you don’t have a family, hold a meeting with your virtual mastermind or yourself. Heck, do both! Even the best leaders fall down, make mistakes, and lose battles but not wars. Step up and be the leader you would want leading you through dark times. Schedule a meeting and show up like the leader you admire the most, courageous, clear, and confident. Call yourself and your “troops” to the cause!

6. Smile often.

Who wants to follow someone who’s grumpy, mean, temperamental, and unable to manage their emotions? Choose to be happy even if you’re not currently thrilled with your job or career. Just smile, breathe consciously, and fake it until you make it. It works.

7. Create workspace boundaries.

If you suddenly find yourself working at home and you’re not accustomed to it, fear not! One of the first things you need to do after you create a suitable workspace or workstation is to let your family know the rules of engagement around working at home. A great leader will call a meeting and make it clear to everyone the goal of the conversation; communicate and agree upon the boundaries, times, and rules of engagement for working at home.

8. Be kinder.

Being kinder to yourself and others works just like active smiling, mindful awareness, or a long walk in a park with your dog. Relax when times get tough. Don’t get too rigid and trapped into toxic, negative thinking or self-destructive habits. Do your best to adapt to the new environment by being kinder with yourself and everyone around you.

9. Create new clarity.

Take tough times to be still and know the tough times always pass when you believe in your ability to endure and create new clarity from where you are today. If you don’t know what you want for yourself, ask. Ask while sitting with your journal or a notebook. Give yourself time to be alone, quiet, contemplative, and ready to receive new direction for your career and future.

loving your life sign

When you practice healthy habits, you get healthy results. The biggest lesson we can learn from resilient, inspirational leaders, bosses, and coworkers is that our mindset is everything. 

Your mind is the operating system waiting to be programmed for the next level of success. 

Healthy habits will help in transforming your career and realize the life and work of your dreams if you keep believing in yourself, doing the work, and surrounding yourself with other people who love their life.

Believe in yourself. Invest in yourself. Even if you’re not sure what you want next for your life, you can trust the team at Ama La Vida is here for you where you’re ready.

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