What is the ALV Health Method?

The ALV Health method is a comprehensive and structured approach to improving your health and wellbeing. This program is perfect for you if you have a variety of personal and health goals and want a holistic approach to improving your health and life. Throughout this program we will focus on crucial components of wellness:
  • Physical
  • Social
  • Mental & Emotional
  • Spiritual
When you begin the program, you’ll define with your coach your primary focus areas based on the goals you want to achieve in your life.

About The Program

Our Health and Wellness coaching is a 12-week journey. This program is intended to create sustainable change in your life through mental shifts, emotional breakthrough and habit changes.

During your weekly 1:1 session with your coach they will help you overcome obstacles, celebrate victories and brainstorm solutions! Our coaching is highly personalized, and so each person’s journey through the program will be different. Here is a brief overview of the framework we will follow and the content we may cover in our work together:

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Why work with ALV for your health and wellness goals?


You may have studied Finance or Law or Education. And yet, you are asking yourself to also be an expert in your own health and wellbeing. We bring in experts to support us with our taxes or our teeth cleaning. It’s okay to bring in an expert to help you improve your physical, emotional, spiritual and social well-being!

Our coaches are all rigorously trained in top coaching programs certified by the International Coach Federation. They are experts in their craft and can help you to prioritize and hone in on the areas where you need the most support.


We have processes and deadlines at work or school that keep us on track and ensure we get things done. When those are lacking in our personal lives, it is easy to let things slip. Months even years can go by without us making the changes we need to be happier and healthier.

Working with a coach provides you with a structured approach to your health and wellbeing and is a built in accountability system to keep you on track. Even when you encounter roadblocks or struggle to stay motivated, your coach is there every step of the way to help you get back up and keep moving forward.

Sustainable change.

Coaching is not a quick fix. It’s not an overnight miracle (or a product claiming that it is!). Coaching is a way to create sustainable change in your life. Our proprietary coaching methodologies ensure you experience tremendous growth throughout our 12 week program and that you have the tools and accountability structure you need to continue to be successful on your own after our work is done.

Meet Our Health and Wellness Coaches!

Jill Dreisilker

Coach Jill

My name is Jill, and I am a Certified Health Coach with ALV. I was born and raised in the suburbs and proudly call Chicago my home. I love being outside as much as I can, even during the winter. I love yoga, bowling, food, all things health and wellness and of course, my Golden Retriever named Kevin. I find pleasure in enjoying the little things in life, like comfy clothes, puppy yawns and fresh flowers. My journey to becoming a health coach is a rollercoaster of a ride, but I’m grateful for it every day. My history was dictated by eating disorders and diet traps. Not only did these bad habits affect my physical, mental and emotional health, but my relationships, career, finances and just about every other area of my life suffered as well. To read more about Jill's story click here!

A headshot of a Coach Sara

Coach Sara

Hi! My name is Sara Dawson, and I am a Health, Career, and Business Coach with Ama La Vida. I’m originally from California and spent several years in beautiful Connecticut, though Seattle is my true home. I love exploring the outdoors with my husband and dog, and equally enjoy being a homebody with our two cats. You can also find me playing soccer, practicing Taekwon-do, running marathons, snowboarding, or enjoying chill time with family and friends. After hitting my wall, I finally took action and found the right diet, high-performance lifestyle, and mindset through tons of research, trial and error, and guidance from my own coach. I’m so grateful to have discovered the confidence and freedom to live my best life! Now I enjoy helping others bridge that gap between where they are and where they want to be as quickly as possible in all aspects of life. To read more about Sara's story click here!

sophie bibbs

Coach Sophie

Hi! My name is Sophie Bibbs, and I am a Health Coach with Ama La Vida. I specialize in Nutrition, Gut, and IBS Coaching. I’m originally from London, UK, then recently spent 2 years living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and now I’m loving life in Chicago. It’s safe to say I love travel and new adventures. Some other things I love are runs along the lake (that’s my meditation), a great cup of coffee (oat milk flat white, to be precise), trying out new restaurants and laughing with the people I love. I trained to become a Certified Health Coach and I specialized in gut health due to my personal experience of gut issues. However, what I’ve found is that, when someone comes to me with bloating and gut issues, it never stops there. We end up working on a whole host of health and life factors, from career to spirituality to stress, because it’s all connected. That’s what instilled the passion in me to coach across all areas of health and wellness..because you can be eating all the kale in the world but if you’re stressed to the max of you hate your job, you’re not going to feel healthy. I love helping others feel comfortable, in control and confident to live their lives. To read more about Sophie's story click here!

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