If you’re a go-getter with biggest dreams, coaching is for you. Maybe, you’re someone with big dreams and visions, but you’re seeing the know-how and accountability to execute on your goals; coaching is for you. If you’re looking to chase after and create an unprecedented level of achievement, coaching is for you. If you’re ready to invest in building a network of empowering and inspiring professionals to expand and enrich your career and personal life, this community is for you!

Coaching functions as miracle grow for your life! Together with your coach, you’ll work hand in hand to realize your full and true potential. You’ll focus on creating achievable goals and taking action to create the success you dream of. Your coach will act as a mirror to increase your self-awareness and a non-biased sounding board to help you address the problems and obstacles you face. One of their most crucial roles, your coach will be an accountability partner holding you to your goals and deadlines so you can maximize your happiness and success.

When you become an Ama La Vida member, you receive free access to our in-person and virtual events to help you stay connected with our community of go-getters just like you! You’ll also gain exclusive access to our members-only Slack channel to share ideas, trade resources, and celebrate wins between live events.

Our robust coaching team ensures that you will work with the exact right coach for you. We pair you with a coach based on their expertise area and your goals. All of our coaches are rigorously trained through an International Coach Federation accredited program. Click here to learn more about coach selection to ensure you are making an educated decision when picking the perfect partner for you.

Working with a coach can help you achieve:

• Increasing Body Confidence• Overcoming Impostor Syndrome• Finding Fulfillment At Work• Stress Management
• Managing Time• Managing Transitions• Accomplishing Significant Goals• Work Life Integration
• Building Confidence• Building Courage and Taking the Leap• Building a Personal Brand• Building a Business
• Building and Achieving Your Vision• Being Present• Increasing Organization and Productivity• Enhancing Health and Well-Being
• Leadership and Influence• Reducing Anxiety and Self-Doubt• Building and Strengthening Relationships• Finding and Living Your Purpose


Ideal to take quick action towards a goal

Imagine what you could achieve if you met with a certified coach every single week? Each week you’ll make visible progress toward your goals, working in partnership with your coach to overcome roadblocks along the way.

  • 4 x 60 minute Private Coaching Sessions Each Month

$225/ week


Perfect for the busy professional

Sometimes one session each month simply isn’t enough! This membership includes bi-weekly private coaching sessions, to ensure you stay on track and don’t lose momentum toward achieving your personal and/or professional goals.

  • 2 x 60 minute Private Coaching Sessions Each Month

$225 / 2 weeks


Great for accountability and maintaining momentum

Whether you’re working toward a promotion, starting a business or making a meaningful transition, our monthly coaching membership will provide you with the ongoing support, empowerment and accountability that you need.

  • 1 x 60 minute Private Coaching Session Each Month

$225/ month

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They said it, not us...


I'm very grateful that I took on coaching with Coach Foram. I explored coaching with ALV when I was in the process of determining what I wanted next out of my time in the Consulting industry, and meeting with Foram helped me to see that there's more to the world (and to my interests) than just Consulting. Through the 5 sessions we've had, Foram has helped me gain confidence and understand what my non-negotiables are both in my work and home life. I really enjoy being part of the ALV community (and I absolutely love the inspirational Tuesday emails I get from the CEO, Nicole). I'm excited to continue this relationship into the future and have even been nudging my husband to give this a try, too. I highly recommend ALV!

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I continue to work with Foram as a career and life coach. I've found this experience invaluable in learning more about myself, what I value, what drives me and how I frame situations at work. It took me a little while to buy into coaching as an investment I needed to make in myself, but I'm so glad I have. They compare it to going to the gym for physical fitness, I realized it's just as important (if not more) to work on my mental fitness. Love ALV and the people I've worked with are awesome!

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I never could have imagined the transformation that I experienced from 12 weeks of coaching. Each week I was met with acceptance, enthusiasm and insight. When I presented my challenges, Katie dug deeper to uncover the real obstacles holding me back and then cheered me on with each bit of growth along the way. The transformation came from a process of re-discovery and awareness of who I am. Over the course of these 12 weeks, I went from feeling hopeless and without vision in many areas of my life, to someone who was taking risks and trying new things. I wholeheartedly recommend this coaching program to anyone who is feeling stuck, lost or unsure about how to connect their true values with their personal and professional life. With consistent attention and intention, some openness and vulnerability, the possible growth through this program is immeasurable.

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Working with Jennifer has been an absolute pleasure. She is exceptional and setting goals that will work for you as an individual and a leader, and will revisit goals frequently to make sure you're making progress towards them. I can't say enough good things about the guidance Jennifer has been able to give me as I moved into new levels of management. Working with her provided important tools to help me succeed in my new role, and I'll always be thankful for that.

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