9 Really Cool Jobs (We’re Loving This Fall!)

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10/04/19 - Gabby Vicas
really cool jobs to check out

Our clients and community are looking for unique jobs in a fun environment. These jobs should reside within organizations which prioritize people and culture and provide exciting ways to make an impact beyond the mundane 9-5. We are particularly interested in positions that don’t neatly fit into an obvious career path box (e.g., doctor, lawyer, accountant). If you know of a job that you think would be great for us to share with our community of driven career-transitioners, you can submit it here for us to consider for a future post!

Title:  Digital Content Manager

Company: TOMS

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Why we like it: To start out this awesome list, is a job with the company, TOMS. Perhaps you want to make a difference in the world through your job. Well, you’re in luck! TOMS helps bring shoes, eyewear, clean water, and safer births to people in need.  Through this position, you’ll be overseeing the planning, strategy, operations, performance & governance of all content for TOMS Digital Platforms. If you love analytics, Java Script, and Project Management check it out! 

Read more and apply here.

Title: Business Analyst

Company:  McDonald’s

Location: Chicago, IL

Why we like it: The next job I came across was a Business Analyst position at McDonald’s. Our CEO recently visited their headquarters and it is beautiful. Not only that but they have amazing parental leave, health benefits, and casual dress! If you are ready to take your professional career to the next level take a peek at this position.  

Read more and apply here.

Title: HR & Culture Lead (Remote)

Company: 1021 Creative

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Why we like it: In this new age of technology, remote work is becoming a normality. With that, comes unique ideas to help teams stay connected. As an HR & Culture Lead, You will play a big part in keeping up with employees, integrating company culture, hiring, and events. This role comes with benefits and a flexible schedule. Not to mention you can live anywhere in the US!  

Read more and apply here.

Title: Event Marketing Associate

Company: Fuck Cancer

Location: NYC, NY

Why we like it: There are so many people affected by cancer each year. In fact, if you haven’t been affected personally, you probably know someone who has. Cancer sucks, and the company Fuck Cancer is all about helping people get through it. This is a great entry-level role where you will be working alongside the CRO to execute event partnerships and campaigns, keeping event social media pages up to date, etc. This role would start as part-time with the potential to be brought on full time! 

Read more and apply here.

Title: Public Relations Manager

Company: New Belgium Brewing

Location: Fort Collins, CO

Why we like it: This next job is a great one if you have a passion for beer (beyond the passion for consuming it)! Through this role, you will be executing the company’s communications and PR strategy for New Belgium Brewing, as well as corresponding beer brands. A top candidate for this job will have strong attention to detail, excellent written and verbal communication skills, an ability to easily and authentically adopt a brand’s voice, and a keen understanding of the current media and influencer landscape. Take a peek at the job description below. 

Read more and apply here.

Title: Media Sales Specialist

Company: Pearachute

Location: Chicago, IL 

Why we like it: Calling all sales peeps! This awesome start-up in Chicago is looking for a Media Sales Specialist. If finding new leads and negotiating contracts in the name of making parent’s lives more simplistic, look no further. You’ll want to be on top of your CRM game as well as multitasking and being eager to close deals. They also give you the option to work remotely for part of the week and the schedule is flexible!  

Read more and apply here.

Title: Learning and Development Manager

Company: Glu Mobile

Location: San Fransico, CA

Why we like it: This a super unique job because you get to work with both the leaders at Glu and their Business Partners. The ideal candidate embodies and upholds a learning mindset and is open to some international travel on occasion. Glu is looking for someone who is a strong communicator and loves to think creatively. I guess the only question left is, anyone else down to go to India?

Read more and apply here.

Title: Inside Sales Representative

Company:  Bucket Listers

Location: Chicago, IL

Why we like it: Here is another job for all the salespeople out there. Bucket Listers is all about featuring companies in the heart of Chicago in order to help people know about the ‘must-dos’ when visiting. This role is entry-level and a great way to start building your resume. Your primary focus will be creating new partnerships with different companies and creating brand awareness. If you love talking on the phone and being in a fast-paced environment this is the job for you!

Read more and apply here.

Title: Customer Success Manager

Company: Modernize

Location: Austin, TX

Why we like it: Modernize makes sure that contractors are connected with individuals who are looking to upgrade their homes. This cool company is looking for an individual to keep up with the profiles of the clients who spend thousands of dollars each year as well as continuing to expand their profile as you walk them through best practices. There is an awesome company culture with open-door policies and group brainstorming sessions, and did I mention catered meals three times a week??

Read more and apply here.

If you’re excited about one of these roles, but you’ve been struggling to get the attention of employers, book a free consultation with us here. Our career coaches are standing by ready to help you land a very cool new job!

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