“And That’s Okay”: An Affirmation for Overwhelming Days

Life Coaching, Reducing Stress
04/28/22 - Shari Santoriello

“And that’s okay.” – Shari Santoriello

I couldn’t find a quote that really resonated with me to include in this week’s blog. The phrase “and that’s okay” kept running on a loop in my head – I gave myself permission to be okay with not having a quote. I realized that I have been using this phrase a lot recently, both personally and professionally.

Why is this becoming a new mantra for me and why have I been sharing it?

I, like many of us, am feeling fatigued – virus-fatigued, ZOOM-fatigued, politics-fatigued, pressure-fatigued. I am just all around overwhelmed, overstimulated, and fatigued by all of the things! “And that’s okay” feels like a simple way to give myself (and others) a quick out without explanation or repercussion.

When I say “and that’s okay” it doesn’t feel like I am less than or like I’m not accomplishing something. I realize I am not looking for a full-on exit strategy. I know I will revisit whatever this is and resolve whatever the challenge is. But for now, I need a little space to not keep up with it all. And those three words feels comfortable enough to give me the clarity to move forward and acknowledge that what I am doing is perfectly acceptable.

Some of my clients are using meditation, journaling and affirmations in conjunction with saying ”and that’s okay”. What are you doing this week to feel okay with it all?

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