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12/18/21 - Shari Santoriello

I am a voracious reader. Yet, this past year has left me drained of energy to tackle a larger book with lots of “meat”. I found myself gravitating toward fluffy, feel-good stories. This left me with a hole in my learning cycle , as I am typically a large consumer of professional and personal skill enhancing fare. 

Enter the ALV Blog! These short form articles have provided me the content I crave without the commitment of a book that I do not have the energy or inclination to pick up right now. I have learned much from my colleagues over the past year! They are all subject matter experts and freely share their expertise.

Here at Ama La Vida Coaching, we coach across four main vertical markets: career, leadership, life, and health & wellness (with lots of overlap)! Here are my favorite ALV Blogs from 2021 within each vertical:

Career Blogs

Career coaching takes on many forms, from exploration, developing new skills, networking, creating an effective resume and building a personal brand.

As coaches we are often asked what we really do? Coach John, in this blog,  shares some ways that a career coach can help you work on career discovery that may not be viewed as the “norm”. And don’t miss his blog about answering those tricky interview questions.

Networking is a critical piece of the job search process, and the last two years have changed the way we approach it! Coach Brooke shares the strategy needed to network in a remote work in this blog

Looking for what essential skills you may need in the upcoming year? Check out my blog about essential skills needed for 2022.

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Leadership Blogs

This isn’t just for leaders! Leadership coaching works with skills for people who are looking to improve their professional presence in the workplace. It can look different for many types of workers, from managing a team, to managing yourself, to providing feedback and improving communication.

While 2020 gave a lot of us new professional experiences, we were settling into some new routines for 2021. In this blog, Coach Bijal guides you on the best ways to onboard new employees and build trust in the remote world.

We have been hearing the term “servant leader” a lot within the last couple of years and many clients ask what it really means! Check out Coach Cait’s blog about how to become a servant leader.

This powerful blog from ALV’s Chief Coaching Officer, Coach Foram, helps you grow your team into the leaders you want them to be!

Life Blogs

We all need a little “life” support! What I love about our life coaches here at ALV is that their strategies and expertise support you personally and professionally! Not sure what Life Coaching is and can do, check out Coach Cait’s blog!

Confidence is one of these areas that traverses work and home life! Coach Jill gives some great tips on how to begin to grow your self confidence in this blog.

Not sure how to identify where you may need some improvement? Let Coach Bijal guide you how to find your blind spots in this blog.

Feeling more uncertain this year more than ever? Me too! I found this blog by Coach Kristin super helpful about how to navigate and get more comfortable with uncertainty.

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Health & Wellness Blogs

I do not coach in the Health & Wellness vertical and am always amazed at the coaches at ALV who do this effortlessly, check out some of their words of wisdom.

Wanting to make a change and then making one are two very different things, both important pieces to a journey of good mental health. Start with Coach Sara’s blog about getting ready for change and then move to Coach Cait’s blog about how to change your mindset.

This is a “do not miss” read! Coach Natalia keeps it real while giving real life tips to tame your inner critic

My personal goal this past year was learning how to set boundaries and reframing my “shoulds”. These two blogs helped me so much! Check out this blog from Coach Natalia, and this one from Coach Sara.

Bonus Blogs:

While the ALV Blog is my favorite, here are some other blogs that get honorable mentions:

The Opportunity Machine: written by ALV’s own Coach John. Got a thought? Coach John has one on the same topic, I guarantee it! His easy to read and relate style always has me coming back for more!

Seth’s Blog: written by renowned author, marketing strategist and all-around business expert Seth Goldin. Always on point and to the point!

While not technically blogs, all things Adam Grant and Brene Brown are a worthwhile pursuit!

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