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woman smiling sitting outside

Over the last few years, the conversation around mental health has been shifting from silent and stigmatized to open and commercialized and everything in between. I, for one, am so glad we’re starting to talk about mental health. It’s not just about being healthy or struggling with mental illness, there is a big area in […]

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I love this time of year! From Thanksgiving until New Year’s, time seems to speed up in a lot of ways while also slowing down. I love the different pace and feel that work and play has, along with the different activities like tree hunting, decorating, lights-watching, gingerbread making, feasting, zoo lights, and family and […]

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5 things to do instead of emotional eat

Current events have turned our lives upside down. We’re facing unprecedented circumstances and uncertainty. We’re mostly stuck inside, many of us have lost our jobs, we’ve been forced to create an entirely new way of living, and day by day it is becoming harder to see a future that is certain and “normal” again. Stress […]

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body confidence

Do you find yourself having to “be good” after a “bad” weekend? Have you tried every diet under the sun only to gain the weight back and end up right where you started? Or maybe you’ve been dieting for most of your life and have no clue how to eat “normally.” Do you wish you […]

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