How Coaching Can Help With Body Confidence

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01/30/20 - Jill Dreisilker
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Do you find yourself having to “be good” after a “bad” weekend? Have you tried every diet under the sun only to gain the weight back and end up right where you started? Or maybe you’ve been dieting for most of your life and have no clue how to eat “normally.” Do you wish you could just feel healthy, confident and secure in your body without comparing yourself to others? Do you wish you could eat your favorite foods again? 

Yep. Me too. I was stuck in Dietland for most of my adult life. I was a pro at convincing myself every “new diet” was going to be the one that changed everything for me. But time and time again, I failed at staying committed to my weight loss goals. 

It was exhausting, frustrating and so defeating because all I wanted was to feel good about myself and stop obsessing over food. But no matter which diet I tried or how much weight I lost, my insecurities followed me.

The reason why most diets fail is because we have been taught to resolve internal problems with external fixes. Trying to change things on the outside is a whole lot easier than looking inwards. It’s like going to the car wash hoping it will fix the engine problem. It might seem cheaper and faster, but it won’t get to the root cause of the problem. 

Growing up, no one taught us how to heal our emotions. We also weren’t taught how to improve our mindset or how to shift unhealthy habits. It’s overwhelming and intimidating, and so naturally we avoid the uncomfortable work. Sometimes the best way to go about challenging ourselves and embracing real, sustainable change is by working with a coach. 

My story took a drastic turn when I hired a coach. It changed my life. It allowed me to compassionately look at areas of my life that needed the most work, areas that I had been avoiding for so long. I knew where I wanted to be, but I just didn’t know how to get there or what tools to use to help me. Coaching provided me all of that and so much more.

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What exactly is coaching?

Coaching is a way for you to connect with someone who has often been in your shoes, someone who has shared similar challenges. Through personal experience and professional training, we are properly equipped with the best tools and practices to help you get unstuck and hit the ground running towards your health and wellness goals. 

The intention of Ama La Vida’s health and wellness coaching is to help transform you from the inside out; emotionally, physically, spiritually and socially. We get to work with you to help you take back your health. This way you can continue to grow and live your happiest, healthiest and most confident life.

You’ll be mindfully paired with a coach to help you define what health means for you and customize a personalized plan to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. No matter what blocks, challenges or resistance you might experience, your coach will be there to guide you and keep you motivated, accountable and excited. I know how important this is for you because I have been there. I’ve walked in your shoes and I will do whatever I can to help you reach a balanced, healthy, confident life.

Why the Process Matters

Although health coaching is customizable to your own needs and lifestyle, the one thing that has helped my clients consistently achieve their goals is having a proven process in place. It helps us stay focused and track progress so we can see what works and what doesn’t.

Because health is so unique to each individual and the amount of information out there is endless, it can be difficult and overwhelming to find the right health plan for you.. It’s hard to navigate that space on your own, which is why we have a process in place that works. 

why the coaching process is important

Here are 3 reasons why:


It seems like there’s a new fad diet circulating the internet every day. Because of the volume of information out there that’s mostly influenced by diet culture, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and have no idea where to begin. Having a process in place gives you the structure you need to stay focused on your goals, track your progress and quit the guessing game.

No matter where you are on your journey to living a healthier, more confident life, trying something new might feel like you’re starting over. We’ve helped hundreds of clients better their lives through our proven process, and we know we can help you too.


No two people’s bodies are the same. No two people’s past experiences are the same. Your goals, dreams and desires are unique to you, which is why our process is personalized to fit with your lifestyle and meet your goals. Life happens and things might change along the way, but no matter what, we have the flexibility to adapt our process to what you need most.

Sustainable change

In an instant gratification society, we’re conditioned to want the “magic pills” to fix our problems. But most of us know that those quick fixes are simply band-aids and only leave us with temporary change. Coaching is not a quick fix. It’s also not a linear process. There will be ups and downs, but it’s all part of the growth process and it allows you to learn so much more about yourself. Coaching is a way for you to get to the root cause of whatever you’re looking to change so we can clear out the old habits and beliefs and make room for new, healthier ones. If coaching were an easy fix, everyone would be doing it. It’s not always easy but the rewards are life-changing. So cheers to you for being here. You’re stepping outside your comfort zone, and you’re ready for real change.

The ALV Body Confidence Process

The ALV Body Confidence Coaching is a 12-week journey that empowers you to create sustainable change in your life by providing life-long tools and practices to help you achieve your goals.

What gives ALV the edge is our hybrid eCoaching approach. Each week you will complete online courses, coupled with a 1:1 session with your coach. By completing the modules ahead of time, you’ll be able to dive right in to the nitty-gritty and avoid the surface level questions. This approach has been proven to be the most impactful, cost-effective and time-efficient way to utilize our time together.

Although we have structured coursework, our coaching is highly personalized so everyone’s journey will be unique to them. Here is an overview of the framework we follow:

The ADIT Method

Body Confidence Coaching


We begin with a personalized body confidence questionnaire, which will be completed before our first session. This helps us make the most of our time and really hit the ground running. The assessment will help us uncover where you’re at in life and what your priorities are. We’ll go over current struggles, patterns and blocks with diet, movement, body image, mindset, goals, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health and anything else that might come up through the assessment. This allows us to both be on the same page with your baseline status so we can customize the best plan for you to get to where you want to be.


This is where we start customizing your plan to help get you to where you want to be. We’ll discuss what strategy works best for you and your lifestyle. We’ll get crystal clear on your goals, what motivates you and what truly lights you up. This step is important because it gives you a chance to align and get into the proper mindset to achieve your goals.

We’ll also discover your “why,” which is one of the most important parts of this process. Your “why” is what motivates you when things get hard and excites you to keep working towards your goals. It’s your personal inspiration and encouragement throughout your entire journey.


This is where you really begin to see changes. Putting your assessment and action plan into play is where people tend to fall short. The planning part is fun and exciting, but implementation can bring up a lot of fear, which is normal and can actually teach you a lot about how to best navigate this phase.

We’ll observe and work through any blocks, habits and patterns that might come up so we can properly work through them and help you stay on track. We’ll work closely to help you take the appropriate steps towards executing your customized strategy and bring you closer to your goals.


Everything that we’ll work on together will come to fruition in this phase. This is where the tools and frameworks you’ve been practicing will feel more natural and sustainable. We’ll celebrate all your amazing accomplishments and lock in long-term action plans to keep you motivated and moving forward with your accountability plan.

It’s easy to lose momentum once the coaching part is complete, but we’ll make sure that doesn’t happen. You’ll be equipped with lifelong tools and practices to help you uncover more confidence, level up in life and keep working towards bigger and better goals in life. 

building body confidence is important for a happy, fulfilling life


Confidence. Worthiness. Empowerment. Health. Enoughness. 

Most of us have been programmed to depend on how we look, job titles and achievements to give us confidence and worth. However, when we depend on external things to feel a certain way, it can be taken away in a second.

This program will help you build self-worth through inner validation rather than outside validation. You will leave having a toolbox of practices to help you feel empowered. You’ll be equipped to take on whatever obstacles are thrown your way so that you can continue to build body confidence. From there, your newfound confidence will spread to all areas of your life. It will help you feel confident to wear the clothes you want, enjoy your favorite foods again and feel good in the skin you’re in. You’ll be able to take back control of your health, happiness and self worth! This way you can live your best, healthiest life with life-long tools to help you always be bettering. 

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