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To all the parents out there, cheers to you – this has been no easy task! There is so much pressure to do it “right.” Every stage of the child’s life has its ups and downs. The constant worrying and anxiety never goes away. We also have our own lives with personal and professional demands. […]

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cybersecurity and remote work how to stay safe online

Although working from home has many advantages, there are also integral cybersecurity risks when partaking in remote work. Staff using unsecured personal devices, multiple network access points, and a lack of knowledge about safe online security practices overall are just a few. Businesses must understand and acknowledge these threats through implementing company-wide awareness, the provision […]

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two people giving virtual feedback

It feels like we were making great strides with having one on one feedback conversations – both positive and constructive. We made it a point to have ad-hoc conversations when walking down the hall. But now that has changed. With a virtual working environment, we don’t have the same ad-hoc opportunities. We are being pulled […]

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creative ways to stay focused

Do you feel like your brain is buffering every five minutes or getting distracted by Instagram, Facebook or Twitter-like a kid in a candy store? We all struggle with focus, but when we have strict deadlines to keep up with, being productive should be at the top of your list. Here are some creative ways […]

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this is a photo of two people talking about how coaching can help you with your gut health

Do you ever feel sick of a belly that makes you look 6 months pregnant? Does it seem like you have a million food intolerances? Do you feel like you have no control over your unpredictable gut? Maybe you have wondered how coaching can help with your gut health? Or maybe, you feel like you’ve tried […]

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part-time jobs for students

Everyone says that student years will be one of the best periods in your life – and they are right to say so. But, unless you go in with full pockets or get a part-time job to improve your finances, it can be difficult to truly enjoy your student years when money is so tight. […]

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Stress is a normal part of life. Regardless of your daily responsibilities and lifestyle, you’re bound to experience stress. And while stress can motivate a person to do better, too much of it can compromise a person’s overall health. Poor stress management can increase your risk of developing illnesses and diseases, which can adversely affect […]

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