How Coaching Can Help You With Your Gut Health

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01/06/20 - Sophie Bibbs
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Do you ever feel sick of a belly that makes you look 6 months pregnant? Does it seem like you have a million food intolerances? Do you feel like you have no control over your unpredictable gut? Maybe you have wondered how coaching can help with your gut health?

Or maybe, you feel like you’ve tried EVERYTHING yet you’re STILL left lying on the sofa too uncomfortable to move, not being able to fit into any of your clothes other than your ‘bloat day’ dresses? You think you’ve done so many healthy things for your body, yet still can’t go anywhere without worrying about running to the toilet (or wishing you DID need to go!)?

Have you become frustrated because you just can’t figure out how to make yourself feel better. There’s so much information out there but you’re overwhelmed and unsure about where to start?

If any of that resonates with you, health coaching could help you. How? I’m going to walk you through what working with an Ama La Vida health and wellness coach actually looks like. Specifically what the process looks like when we explore how coaching can help you with your gut health.

What Does Working With A Health Coach Mean?

Working with an Ama La Vida health coach starts by defining what health means to you, then developing a personalized plan to get you there. Your coach will be there with you, guiding you through a proven process, and giving you the support and accountability you need to get you to the healthier, happier, less bloated version of you that you want to become.

Working with a coach gives you a structured approach to taking control of your gut health and is a built-in accountability system to keep you on track. Even when you encounter roadblocks or struggle to stay motivated, your coach is there every step of the way to help you get back up and keep moving forward.

The ALV Health and Wellness Method is our comprehensive, structured health and wellness coaching program. There’s a lot of structure built into it, but also a lot of flexibility within that, so I’m going to share with you exactly what it looks like and why it works to get you the results you’re looking for.

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Why The Process Matters

You may be wondering why we have a process in place around health coaching…why we don’t just go with the flow and take each coaching session as it comes. It’s because following a process gets you results.

It’s normal to follow processes at work, to keep us on track and make sure we get stuff done. However, we don’t normally have these in place when it comes to our health. This means that we don’t make changes and end up just soldiering on with our discomfort, never giving it the focus it deserves.

It’s time to change that.

There are 3 key reasons why this process works:


There is so much information out there on gut health. It’s everywhere at the moment! The problem is, there are so many things out there you could try..food intolerance testing, an elimination diet, yoga, probiotics, etc, the list goes on and on. Chances are you don’t know where to start and then you end up not trying anything..and staying stuck. Having a process gives you a structure to follow, so you don’t need to use your precious time and brainpower trying to figure it out. All you have to focus on is following it.

Proven Process:

You’re starting from scratch, but we’ve worked with hundreds of clients to help them feel better. We’ve taken everything that’s worked with those clients to give them a flatter, happier belly, to put this process together, so we know it works. 

It’s Tailored to You:

Yes, we have a process, but our process has flexibility built into it. No two people are the same. Your diet is unique. Your lifestyle is unique and your goals are unique. Our process doesn’t give you a cookie-cutter plan. It gives you a unique plan to meet your goals, that fits in with your diet and lifestyle.

The ALV Health and Wellness Gut Health Coaching Process

ALV Health and Wellness Coaching is a 12-week long program that takes you step by step through the process of identifying your health goals, coming up with a plan to help you reach them and then supporting you through making the diet and lifestyle changes needed to achieve those goals. We make sure this all fits into your life, so these changes are sustainable for you.

Each week your coaching consists of completing online exercises in our proprietary eCoaching platform. Then you meet with your certified health and wellness coach to dive deep into your findings and ensure you are progressing toward your goal of a healthier, happier gut.

We work through a framework called the ADIT Method.

the adit coaching model

The framework consists of 4 key phases, which we’ll walk through one by one. Since our coaching is highly personalized, your journey will be different from someone else’s. However, this is a rough overview of how your journey to a happier gut could look. Let’s dig into exactly how coaching can help you with your gut health, we will start with assessing!

Assess: It Starts With Understanding Where You’re At

We start by assessing where you are right now with a personalized gut health assessment. This happens via a questionnaire and our first coaching session. You’ll complete the questionnaire prior to our first session, which means we can hit the ground running straight away and make the most of your time. In that session, we’ll talk through your answers and go through them in more depth.

In this assessment, we’ll go through where you’re at – your current struggles, diet, lifestyle, career, emotions, social life, spirituality, physical activity and more. We’ll also look at where you want to get to and how you want your life to look. 

We’ll dive deep, leaving no stone unturned, to make sure we’ve got a really clear picture of YOU before we get started.

Discover: What The Discovery Process Looks Like

Once we’ve assessed where you’re at, we’ll focus on creating some clarity. We’ll define what you most want to work on during our time together and come up with clear, defined goals for the program. This means you’ll get a plan that works for you, a plan that fits into your life. 

Together, we’ll come up with the strategies to help you achieve your goals, whether it’s working out your food intolerances, reducing the impact of stress on your gut, or upping your fiber intake. We’ll also define your personal ‘why;’ this is the thing that’ll keep you going when things get tough. You’ll definitely come across challenges and setbacks along the way and that’s completely normal. That’s why it’s so important to get clear on why you’re doing it.

Implementation: How Implementation Works

While it’s important to take a step back to assess where you’re at and come up with the right plan for you, it won’t get you anywhere without implementation. This is the real meat of the program because it’s when we actually put your personalized plan into place.

We’ll focus on the actions you need to take to move closer to your goal, and this will evolve and grow to fit in with you. You might try something out that you don’t like or that just doesn’t work for you, so we’ll tweak it and try something new. You might come across blocks and self-sabotage that are getting in the way of you taking action, so we’ll address those.

We’ll work on making these changes habits, and your coach will be there to keep you accountable to do them. You’ll get the accountability and support you need to keep you on track, without feeling overwhelmed and alone. 

Transition: How We Set You Up For Long Term Success

I said that implementation was important, but this phase is even more important. This is the phase that will mean these healthy habits last beyond our coaching engagement.

This is the phase that will make sure everything you’ve worked so hard on is sustainable. You’ll be supported with everything you need to fit this new, personalized diet and way of living into your life and to further support your gut so you can sustain the progress you’ve made and you can continue to feel better and better.

We don’t want this to be a quick fix, where you feel better for 12 weeks but then go back to being bloated and uncomfortable again. The idea is to create sustainable change in your life, so you can feel better long term.

How Coaching Can Help You With Your Gut Health

The Result?

This process gives you everything you need to feel:

  • Comfortable – Less bloated, less constipated, in less pain, etc..resulting in more energy and no more suffering in silence! Hell, no more suffering!
  • In Control – You will triumphant because you finally understand what’s triggering your gut symptoms, so you’re the boss! You can feel in control of your gut for the first time, rather than the other way around. You’ll know what causes your symptoms, so you choose to avoid those things. Along with knowing what makes your gut feel better, so you choose to say ‘yes’ to those things.
  • Confident – To make plans, book holidays, socialize, go out for dinner, wear any dress in your wardrobe, succeed at school and work, train for that 10k.

You’ll no longer spend your time fed up and frustrated at trying to figure it out. Instead, you’ll wake up comfortable and excited to make plans. Ready to explore how coaching can help you with your gut health? Book a consult with me today!

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Sophie Bibbs

Hi! I’m Sophie and I’m so happy to meet you. I’m a Health and Wellness Coach with Ama La Vida. I coach people towards a whole range of health goals, such as improving energy, reducing stress, getting to a happy weight, getting out of diet mentality and overcoming burnout. However, I have deep expertise in all things gut health, digestive problems and IBS. Sick of being bloated? I’m your girl. Read more about my story here!

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