4 Ways to Channel your Inner Badass (and Kick Self-Doubt to the Curb)

Achieving Goals, Confidence, Overcoming Fear
11/07/18 - Sara Dawson

Earning my black belt in taekwon-do was a true test of my strength and confidence. As with any goal, my journey to black belt had its ups and downs, and learning how to channel my inner badass guaranteed my success. The following 4 strategies to channel your inner badass will keep you feeling motivated and focused with any goal you aim to achieve. Enjoy!

Visualize Success

Seeing is believing! Studies cited in Imagery in Sports and Physical Performance support the benefits of visualization (also known as mental rehearsal) to improve mental and even physical performance. Many athletes like Michael Phelps and Tiger Woods use vivid, detailed imagery to prepare for their wins. Visualize a goal you want to achieve with as much detail as possible – the more you rehearse it the more real it will become, and the more prepared you will be for your actual performance. 

Know your Purpose

No matter how confident or motivated we are, we all get tested from time to time and find ourselves stuck. Knowing your purpose (i.e. why you want to achieve your goal) and reminding yourself of it will keep your inner badass on track and going strong. Find a physical “anchor” that reminds you of your purpose and carry it with you wherever you go. A picture or a small object are a couple ways to help your inner badass stay focused. 

Move your Body

One way to channel your inner badass is by moving your body. Envision your better self, then act the part! How does your inner badass stand (hunched over or straight and tall), breathe (short and shallow, or deep and relaxed), and talk (speaking softly while looking down, or speaking confidently with eye contact?) Embody your inner badass and you will naturally start to feel like your true badass self. According to the Association of Psychological Science, something as simple as smiling has been proven to induce happiness and reduce stress. I encourage you to try this one simple step today!

Shift your Focus

Asking yourself the right questions can shift your mental state from negative to positive, from stuck to unstuck. When in doubt, ask yourself questions to help get you focused. For example, what would your inner badass do now? What’s important to focus on in this moment? Let these answers be your guide when you’re feeling stuck! 

This is why partnering with a coach is such a powerful tool to help you achieve your goals. With any Ama La Vida one-on-one coaching session or online eCoaching program, you are guided through self-reflective questions to gain clarity and focus. This is exactly what your inner badass needs to kick self-doubt and lack of motivation to the curb!

In the months leading up to my black belt test, I mentally rehearsed passing the test every day. I carried a picture of a black belt with me everywhere. I created my own power pose to combat feelings of self-doubt. I asked myself “What would badass black belt Sara do?” any time I was uncertain of what to do next. Each of these steps helped lead to my greatest accomplishment, and I look forward to what these steps will unlock for you.

If you are ready to unleash your inner badass, elevate your mindset, and realize your potential, schedule your free coaching consult with me today! I look forward to connecting with you!

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