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10/21/18 - Nicole Wood
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Well done! You’ve made the decision to invest in yourself and sign up for coaching. This is an incredible step toward achieving your goals. Kudos to you! This is where the fun starts, and it is also where your work begins. Your coach will do everything in his/her power to support you, but there are a number of things you can do as well to get the most from your coaching engagement. Doing these things will maximize your return on investment and will help you see tangible progress toward your goals more quickly.

Get the most from your sessions.

Prepare for the session.

You will soon learn that your 45 minute session flies by VERY quickly. Every second is extremely valuable so take some time in advance to prepare what your priorities are for that session. What do you want to focus on? What do you want to walk away with? Communicate these things with your coach so that you can both work together to ensure that you both use the time in the most valuable way possible.

Clear the space.

When you go into your coaching session, ensure you have put aside all other mind-clutter (e.g., that project that needs to get finished, what you’re going to have for dinner). Give yourself a moment to take a deep breath and allow yourself to be fully present – physically, mentally, and emotionally – for the session. Coach Katie says, “Distraction is the enemy of progress!”

What happens in between sessions is just as important!

Make sure you carve out time.

Coaching doesn’t end after a session. That is when the real work begins! Make sure you set aside time in your calendar to “bust your butt on those next steps!” as Coach Danielle says and make progress toward your goals. “Challenge yourself in between sessions to learn, try and try again, and use this as a guide to make the most out of your conversations with your coach,” advises Coach Foram.

Keep in contact with your coach.

If you ever feel stuck or need some encouragement, don’t wait until the coaching session. Email or text your coach and tell them what’s going on. “My favorite emails are updates from clients on what they’ve tried, what’s working and where they might be feeling stuck. This helps us dig right in during our sessions, making them that much more productive,” Coach Foram told me.

Get the most from your coaching relationship

Be honest with your coach and trust her/him.

Remember that you and your coach are on the same team. They are your partner! Part of the appeal of coaching is that you finally have an unbiased supporter whose sole purpose is to help you succeed. Being as honest as possible with yourself and your coach. They are not there to judge you or assess you. They are there to empower you. Remember that when they ask a question or make a suggestion, it is only to help you grow or perhaps consider something from a new light. Your session is judgment-free zone.

“Be open and honest with your coach so that they can support you to the best of their ability, and remember that they are on your side! Your goals are their goals!” – Coach Katie

“Your coach is on your side and is rooting for you. They want to see succeed and achieve big things! So use your coach & take full advantage of the accountability.” – Coach Danielle

Give your coach feedback.

Your coach will ask you for feedback on a periodic basis, but you don’t have to wait for them to ask! If there is something that worked really well for you or if something felt a little off, let your coach know. This will help them flex their style to best support you and utilize coaching techniques that are most effective in helping you make progress.

Get the most from the process!

Keep an open mind.

Some of the techniques and action steps may stretch you out of your comfort zone. Try to embrace the process and stay open to the opportunities and ideas which may arise along the way. I remember when I first worked with a coach, I was super skeptical. Some of the exercises my coach had me do felt a little wacky or out there to me. As I let myself enjoy the journey and stop being judgmental, I got more out of it than I ever could have imagined. Keep your mind open to both the techniques your coach will use and the new thoughts and approaches they will challenge you to try.

Prepare for discomfort.

Coaching will challenge you. It will stretch you. It will sometimes feel a little uncomfortable. But that is how you know that positive and meaningful change is around the corner. Coach Katie always says, “Our comfort zone is a beautiful place but not much ever grows there.” Coach Danielle says, “Coaching sessions are a safe place. Don’t be afraid to dream big, be vulnerable, mess up, learn, & grow!” Be prepared to get comfortable with discomfort, but know that the return will be worth it!

Hustle hard but also be patient.

Remember that coaching is not a quick fix. Coaching is a deep and rich process, and the results don’t show up overnight. Every session will uncover new nuggets of insight, and over time, you will begin to see an amazing transformation.  Coach Teague says, “Trust the process! Give yourself the time and space you need to grow.” At the end, you’ll look back in awe of how far you’ve come!

Remember your why.

It may get challenging along the way. You may stumble at times, and unforeseen obstacles may arise. If you start to get lost or frustrated as you’re working through your coaching, remind yourself of why you started. What is the goal you’re working toward? What is the emotion you’ll feel when you reach it? Print a picture of your why or write a word down that connects you with it, and keep it near so you can be reminded of it every day.

We are excited to see all you accomplish and how you transform. This is an exciting new journey you are about to embark on, and we guarantee, this is one of the best investments you can make in your life and career. Can’t wait to see you make the most of it!

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