National Salesperson Day

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12/13/19 - Gabby Vicas

What do you think about when you think of sales and salespeople? There are a lot of assumptions and speculation about salespeople and sales roles. People often seem to avoid sales jobs at all costs. Consumers also try to avoid sales reps for various reasons. So in honor of national salesperson day, I’m going to speak on behalf of all the salespeople out there. I’m hoping to clear up a few myths.  

Myth #1: They lie to get me to buy 

The first thought that comes to someone’s mind when they think ‘sales’ is the sleazy used car salesman. You know, the guy who walks up to you in that sketchy gravel lot. He then proceeds to talk to you about the “like new” Toyota that has obvious blemishes. Well, I’m here to tell you that most salespeople are not out there just looking to tell you a bunch of lies just to get you to buy a product. 

Almost every job I have had, from my part-time to my first full-time job here at Ama La Vida has had some aspect of sales to it. If you know how to connect with people and relate to them, you don’t have to lie to make a sale. I genuinely love getting to know people. I love knowing what their desires and needs are, and that’s how I approach a sale.

My philosophy is to always be honest

“No this product isn’t going to be the best fit for you let’s try this one instead.” “Going into this conversation I thought that the full ALV Method program would be best for you. However, after chatting I think that only Part 1&2 would be better.”

I am not going to convince a potential client that they need something if they don’t. In the long run, this doesn’t end well for either the client or the company. This results in unhappy clients, refund requests, and just a stressful situation all around. My goal in my current role is to pair you with the right coach and coaching program. If someone asks for a specific coach and I know it isn’t a good fit, I will voice this in the call. If someone wants a program that may be too much or too little for the goals they have, I will point it out. Then I always explain my reasoning for suggesting something different.

Good salespeople take the approach of what is best for you not, “What’s going to get me a quick sale?”

 Myth #2: They won’t take no for an answer 

Yes, as a salesperson you are all about numbers, hitting metrics, surpassing goals, etc. However, that doesn’t mean that when someone says no that they will never let it go. 

This isn’t to say that someone won’t follow up with you to get a definite answer, or that there won’t be a little pushback if you do say no. But, once there is a definite no, it’s time to move on and focus on people who are actually interested in the product or service. 

Time is money. If someone is not interested in what you have to sell, there is no point in continuing to badger them. 

Now, don’t confuse someone suggesting an alternative with not accepting your no. It may be that there is a way around the reason you gave and they want to be aware of this.

I always make sure that if I get a reason for someone saying no, that I give them all of the choices that they may not have known about. It’s to show a potential client that there are options in case they are still interested in our services and their reason is the only thing keeping them from signing up. 

Myth #3: They’re only in it for the money 

If someone goes into sales just for the money, they are going to be disappointed to say the least. Referring back to the sleazy car salesman, people can spot a non-genuine person from a mile away. It won’t work. I’m not suggesting that people in sales aren’t money-driven; they are, especially if they are based on commission. However, if you want to be successful, there needs to be more of a purpose behind it.

You need to be in it because of the feeling you get when your product or service fulfills someone’s needs. For the relationships you create when talking to people on the phone, emails, and in person. Typically, the best sales reps and people who work in some sort of sales position understand this. They will go out of their way to make those personal connections.

Two men having a conversation

This is not to say that there aren’t salespeople who will lie, never stop bugging you, and are only in it for the money. But, the majority do not fall into those categories.

Just know that the next time you get a follow-up call or email from a sales rep that it’s probably not to bug you. It’s because they believe that their product or service will benefit you either personally or professionally. 

These perceptions are big reasons why a lot of people avoid sales positions when looking for jobs. However, this limits your job search greatly. In fact, almost 13% of all jobs in the US are full-time sales; do you really want to avoid that much of the job market when searching? Even if it’s not your dream job, it’s a great way to get your foot in the door at any company! 

So the next time you get a follow-up call or email from a sales rep, know that they are passionate people who care about their work. They are simply exploring if you are a good fit for something they truly believe will help you. 

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