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07/16/19 - Randi Hill

With summer in full swing, it’s no surprise most of us are trying to enjoy the weather and still focus on personal development and growth. After all, time is of the essence! While we love listening to podcasts on our road trips, long flights, commutes, and anywhere in between, what podcasts are worth listening to?

Have no fear, the team here at Ama La Vida put together a list of our all-time favorite podcasts to help you find a podcast or podcasts worth listening to!

number one

The Story 

I LOVE a good biography. My bookshelf at home contains biographies of assorted lengths, styles, and people. I don’t know that I like hearing about people per se, I just really enjoy an authentic story. My favorite are stories about adversity, grit, and courage that real people have walked through and come out on the other side.

The Mission (now a podcasting network) kick-started their podcasting expeditions with The Story and I will forever be a devout fan. If you’re looking for a podcast about trailblazers and their unknown backstories I can’t recommend this one enough.

Check out The Story by clicking here!

number 2


I actually don’t adore most podcasts. Personally, I find them to be long and with a short commute, I’ll often have to stop them in the middle, and then I forget what’s happening. It’s a never-ending cycle of never finishing an episode. To be honest, a short commute coupled with my millennial attention span makes me gravitate towards podcasts that range somewhere in the 15-20 minute ballpark. Thankfully, Daniel Pink gets me! 

In each episode, he discusses one book that made an impact on him. He then asks the author three key questions about the book. Finally, he delivers you the most value you can get from not reading the book in 20 minutes or less. What more could you ask for?

Check out 1-3-20 by clicking here!

number three

Magic Lessons

Are you someone who loves creating? Maybe you feel a ton of impending fear around the concept of creativity? That’s why Magic Lessons exists. Speaking from personal experience, creating is terrifying! You usually feel vulnerable, lonely, and exposed after you have shared your creation with the world.

While the process is hard and discouraging when we talk time to create it can feel a lot like magic. So why not get some lessons on how to make the process a little less, uh, painful? Um, yes, please!

In each episode Elizabeth Gilbert sits down with aspiring artists, to talk through their fears and help them overcome their obstacles. The result? Helping people create more joyfully and holistically. If you’re a creative or a creator, this will be your new favorite podcast.

Check out Magic Lessons by clicking here!

number four

Goal Digger 

It may just be me, but I can’t handle podcasts that are too polished. I need some laughter, some energy, and some down to earth stories. Anyone else feel me? While Jenna Kutcher is the queen of Pinterest, she also tells really engaging stories. She’s a freelancer who has grown her work into a company and has made it her mission to bring that knowledge and those skills to everyone she can. 

What I love about The Goal Digger Podcast is that it’s workshop focused and very real, every episode is the perfect mix of stories and super tangible/actionable skills you can put into practice the next day! If you’re ready to level up you’re social media game, this podcast deserves a listen in my book!

Check out Goal Digger by clicking here!

number five


Rachel Hollis is a powerhouse. I’m sure you have read, or at least seen, one of her books! She’s the author of Girl, Wash Your Face and Girl, Stop Apologizing. While she’s quite literally changing the mindset of American women every day, she’s gone one step further and created a podcast to bring that same wisdom to so many more people. 

RISE focuses on bringing tangible and tactical tools for your life and business. I like to think of it as a no brainer for personal development and business growth as she facilitates bold conversations with business leaders and peers alike! You always walk away with real-life takeaways.

Listen to the Rise podcast by clicking here!

The Minimalist Podcast

Have you ever looked at your closet and said, “Wow, I own a lot of clothes” or maybe you have looked at your life and said, “Holy cannoli! I have a lot of responsibilities.” Chances are no matter who you are, there are things in your life you could cut down on. While minimalism is the latest buzzword, maybe it’s time we learn what that means for more than just our closets, or our over-commitment tendencies. 

In their podcast, the Minimalists channel a really conversational style as they share stories about their extensive life experiences and resources, you always learn something tangible. The icing on the cake for this podcast is they are super genuine, the entire idea is cutting out stuff that weighs down your life, whether it’s physical, relational, structural, etc. Ready to live a little lighter? This podcast is worth listening to!

Listen to the Minimalist Podcast by clicking here!

Seth Godin’s Startup School

I know what you’re thinking…Startup School? I thought people worked for startups to avoid school. Yes, but no. Lol. Startup school is just the alliteration to catch your attention so you experience the visionary tendencies of Seth Godin himself. 

While this is another short and sweet podcast, I love how he uses his knowledge to guide entrepreneurs through workshop like questions to create and run the companies of their dreams. This is a tactical and insightful podcast for those dreamers in our audience.

Check out Seth Godin’s Startup School by clicking here!

number eight

How I Built This

If you haven’t caught on yet, I love a good story. How I Built This is a hybrid of “The Story” and an interview-style podcast. It tells entrepreneurial stories of founders combined with interviews from the founders reflecting on their experience. So naturally, this podcast sparks all my interest.

My favorite part about this podcast is how it brings to light the unknown backstories of the companies we love today. To me, this podcast is a stellar example of modern-day trailblazers. These aren’t your typical CEO’s they are college opt-outs, calculated risk experts, and most of all, they are ardent and driven to inspire the world.

Listen to the How I Built This Podcast by clicking here!

How I built this with Guy Raz

Office Hours

Have you ever faced a career situation that you know other people have faced but you haven’t been able to find any answers/advice/or guidance on? Yep, ok, just about all of us. Or what about that time when you could ask your mentor or boss this question but it may sound silly? Yep, also feeling that one. If I’m speaking your language then let me introduce you to my favorite and arguably the best career advice podcast.

While the episodes can get a little long this podcast is my go-to when it comes to career advice. They take actual questions from real people working in the real world and answers them. With two different perspectives and the light atmosphere that keeps you engaged, you’ll laugh, learn, and maybe even cry, from laughter, that is. 😉 

Check out Office Hours by clicking here!

Going Deep with Aaron Watson

Are you interested in creativity, and company culture, and to know what it’s like to run a startup, and just overall cool things? Aaron Watson, Co-Founder of Piper Creative, shares amazing interviews with thought leaders, peers, and generally cool people on his podcast. 

These episodes quite literally cover all the bases. If you’re looking to potentially laugh, cry, feel all the feels, and learn something life-changing all in the same episode – this is your jam. 

Listen to an episode of Going Deep With Aaron Watson by clicking here!

Do you have a podcast, or podcasts, worth listening to that didn’t make the list? Drop a comment below and tell us all about it!

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