“Sometimes, it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination.”


Big goals can be exciting, but they don’t come to fruition overnight.

It’s easy to say, “I’m going to travel to 5 countries this year” or “I’m going to land that promotion this quarter,” but that doesn’t tell us what we are going to do today. Thinking about the journey is essential especially at the beginning when we are setting out to achieve our goals.

Let’s take the example of traveling. If you’re setting out on a travel adventure, you’d need to do some preparation prior to the trip. What do you take on this trip? What do you need to do in preparation? You’d have to figure out the flights, accommodation, who’d you’d be traveling with, where you’d be going, and what you’d be doing.

Focusing on the journey helps us map out the milestones and sub-goals we’ll need to achieve along the way. At the outset if we focus solely on the final destination we can feel discouraged and overwhelmed especially if we don’t have our bags packed and a clear path forward.

Setting milestones gives us immediate direction, allows us to celebrate wins along the way, and helps us determine what we enjoy about the journey and what is right for us in the next phase of the journey.

A journey mindset refers to enjoying the journey and celebrating progress along the way. A destination mindset refers to the notion that you’ll be happy once you reach a destination.

Are you going to be happy once your trip is over and behind you or are you going to enjoy each step of the journey? You are right here, now. There’s so much to learn and be grateful for about where you are today.

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Cait Swamy

Hello! I’m Cait Swamy, and I’m a Coach at Ama La Vida. I support individuals in a Leadership, Life and Career Coaching capacity. Helping people tap into their innate talents and coaching them to reach their full potential is my passion and life’s purpose.