Whether you are looking to discover a career you love, build the confidence to make a change or develop the necessary skills to land your dream job, we are here to help make it happen! Creating tangible results in your life and career is our utmost priority, and so our coaches are all fully certified with rigorous training and accreditation. We utilize evidence-based coaching models and methodologies rooted in positive psychology, adult learning techniques, neuroscience and change theories to ensure that you achieve the results you are looking for.

We utilize a unique blend of live one-on-one coaching sessions and a proprietary curriculum in our online eCoaching platform. Your coach will assign you modules to complete in between sessions to document your reflections, insights and commitments and to maximize the impact of your time spent together.

In her blog post, “The ALV Method: Everything You Need To Know About Our Career Transition Coaching, ALV CEO, Nicole, says:

We wanted to take the best pieces from each of our experiences and create a process to help people navigate career transitions, no matter where they were in their careers or in the world. We wanted to help people reconnect with themselves in an authentic way and craft a career path that was uniquely designed for them. We wanted to arm them with the collateral, confidence, and accountability to land roles they thought were out of reach. We wanted to spark that excitement in them that would get them to take action and make the change they had been longing for.”

While the curriculum will be tailored to you and your unique needs, it typically includes:

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