This is my story

Hi there! I’m Melissa, your Client Success Specialist!

As the Client Success Specialist at Ama La Vida, I have the privilege of being the go-to person for all staff and clients seeking support. From day-to-day inquiries to managing client projects from start to finish in our CRM database, I’m here to ensure that everything runs seamlessly.

Collaboration is at the heart of what I do. I work closely with our incredible coaches and leadership team to enhance the client experience. Our number one goal is to deliver an amazing experience and create a strong community-based environment to support our valued clients.

My goal is to build strong relationships with clients, advocate for their needs, and ensure clear and effective communication throughout the process. Surprise & Delight, customer satisfaction, and forming lasting connections are not just goals for me—they are the driving force behind my work.

With my dedication, comprehensive skill set, and genuine enthusiasm to help others, I am here to ensure that your experience with Ama La Vida is exceptional. Whether you have a question or need assistance, I’m always here to provide unparalleled support and make your journey with us truly memorable.