Finding yourself intimidated by a client or prospect?

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05/26/22 - Megan Wholey

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Early in my career (and every once in a while now!), I would find myself intimidated by a client or a prospect.

Our team works with successful CEOs, business owners and their families – people who have built incredible careers and amassed significant wealth. I’d want to show up to my meetings with these clients firmly in my role as “expert”, with the right answer to every question, and data to back it up.

What I’ve learned, and continue to remind myself, is that the most important thing that my clients are looking for is a thought partner.

I may not have the perfect answer on the spot – and that’s OK.

What clients need in an advisor is someone who asks curious questions, helps present ideas and options for consideration, and has their family’s best interests at heart. Saying something like, “I’d love to run this question by our experts,” doesn’t tell the client that I’m not capable, it assures them that I’m doing my research and considering all angles.

This can be uncomfortable for people who tend towards people-pleasing and perfectionism – I know it is for me, but I encourage women entrepreneurs and business owners to be less concerned with “being right”, and instead focus on “doing right” by clients, team members and other partners.

~ Megan

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Megan Wholey

Megan Wholey is a wealth advisor and partner with The Wholey Poitras Group at Baird, which guides individuals and families through life's important transitions like marriage, career change, retirement and wealth transfer with thoughtful financial, tax and estate planning strategies.

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