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08/14/20 - Nicole Wood
ALV Coaching founders, Nicole and Foram

From the time I decided I wanted to leave consulting to the time I actually quit my job to do ALV full time, about 3.5 years went by. I didn’t spend those 3.5 years twiddling my thumbs. I took a new job and learned a completely different and relevant skill set, I built a business plan, content and tech skills and, most importantly, I built confidence in myself and my idea.

Nothing of importance happens over night. And the longer something takes, the more opportunities there are to give up. That’s why I’m so grateful that throughout that transition process, I had my coach by my side. That’s also why I’m so determined to make a coaching membership available to everyone who wants to achieve meaningful, transformative goals or invest in their own personal development.

Our Priorities

In creating and growing Ama La Vida over the past four years, two conflicting priorities have been front and center for us:

  • Effectiveness of the coaching. If our coaching isn’t helping our clients achieve their desired results, then we have failed. What are we even doing here? No matter what seems appealing from a business standpoint, ensuring that our work is effective in helping clients set and achieve goals is of the utmost importance.
  • Affordability of the coaching. Back when I first started working with a coach, coaching was provided to me by my employer. I wondered if I would have sought that same support on my own? The answer I came to was no. I didn’t have $500 per hour (the going rate of my leadership coach) at the time, and I still don’t. It was so important in building my own business that we find a way to make coaching more affordable and available to different types of people, not just companies with bloated budgets.

Unfortunately, these two priorities are often at odds with one another. The absolute most effective coaching format might be three sessions a week where your coach comes to your house to provides physical accountability and support. But that level of support would be very costly (and potentially inconvenient) to the coachee. On the other hand, it may be tempting to have a couple 30-minute coaching sessions and go on your way. But it is nearly impossible to make life-changing transitions in such a short amount of time and with such little support and accountability.

Rocks balanced on each other in nature

The Balance

We had to find ways to balance these two opposing needs and craft a coaching solution that works and doesn’t break the bank. That is what our new coaching memberships do.

Over the past four years, our coaching services and programming have evolved and taken on many forms as we’ve tried to perfect how we deliver highly effective, affordable coaching. We’ve introduced complex packages, bundles, and every type of option you can think of. And now, just this month, we’ve simplified everything and launched the most optimal solution to deliver an amazing and transformative coaching experience.

Coaching Membership Benefits

It’s a no-brainer, really: ongoing coaching memberships with the option to meet with your coach two or four times per month and access to our entire library of eCoaching tools and programs. The end.

Here are the benefits to our new coaching membership – the most transformative way to do coaching:

Long-term Support & Accountability

Making a major career transition, starting a business, changing your relationship with yourself, becoming a more empathetic leader… these are not things that happen in a matter of a couple weeks. Most of our clients are working with a coach for the first time, and they look to us for cues regarding how this whole thing should work.

While some goals are more finite, personal development is an ongoing process and journey. Your coach is a partner to you in that for as long as they are still creating value for you. Rather than suggesting to start with a handful of sessions and go from there, we set the stage up front that this is a long-term process. We provide continued support for as long as our clients need.


One of the main reasons people love working with ALV and one of our biggest differentiators is our structured approach to coaching and our thorough coaching tools and curriculums. Often coaches will say, “It’s $X for $Y sessions,” but they can’t quite articulate what will happen in those sessions. That’s not the case here!

We have very detailed programming providing the framework for how we coach people through certain transitions. Let’s take career transitions as an example. We have set modules that the client completes week by week in between sessions to help them make tangible progress toward their goals. That’s not going away! However, challenges can arise when we get too rigid in how many sessions we have or have a stringent timeline that might not be realistic.

In our new membership model, you go at your own pace, and your coach will assign you modules and other action items based on your unique goals and circumstances. This relieves us of the pressure of conforming to a somewhat arbitrary timeline.

We are Not Compartmentalized

Many of our clients come to us for career support, but naturally personal goals enter the conversation. Or they come for leadership support, but a health issue has been impacting their confidence at work. We are not neatly compartmentalized beings; we’re human.

Therefore we felt it was critical in this new transformative coaching membership to open up our entire library of eCoaching programs (career, leadership, health and life) to all of our clients. While you will still likely come to us focused in one primary area, your coach will weave in concepts, exercises and action items from these various coaching tracks. We want to make your experience as impactful as possible and will tailor your sessions to your needs.


A membership model is far less transactional than one-off sessions or very short-term support. Already we’re seeing our community of go-getter clients become more engaged and are supporting one another in important ways. We love seeing them answer each other’s questions, cheer each other on, open up their networks to one another and share in each other’s journeys. We’re also offering free and members-only events and perks to continue to provide value to our community and clients.

At ALV, you don’t just get access to your coach – you get access to hundreds of other like-minded individuals who want nothing more than to see you succeed.


No one likes confusing policies and procedures. Us included. This is the simplest and easiest way for us to work together without any unnecessary complexity.

To those on the outside, this new launch might not seem like the seismic shift it truly is for ALV. That’s okay! We wanted this transition process to be seamless for our existing clients and a no-brainer for new ones. For us this is an exciting time as we move closer to ALV’s long-term vision. We know that with the launch of these new coaching memberships we provide more value, affordability, structure and community than any other coaching offering on the market!

If our new transformative coaching membership interests you, schedule a free consult. We cannot wait to work with you and help you acheive your goals!

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