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04/10/19 - Randi Hill

I associate kindness with spring. I’m not saying that people can’t be kind in any other season, but I just feel more kind during the spring. The cool breeze makes me want to hold the door a second longer, and the flowers make me smile.

Maybe it’s the sun or the air of possibility that comes with spring but I feel like there are so many ways to embody kindness in the spring that makes people feel extra loved. If you haven’t noticed, when people receive out of the ordinary kindness they tend to replicate it. The dominoes are all set up in a line waiting for someone to knock them down. Here are my three favorite ways to kick start kindness in spring.

Send them a card!

When was the last time you received mail that wasn’t a bill, an Amazon order, or a holiday/birthday card? Chances are it wasn’t recently. Take a second and reflect on what it feels like to get a random card from someone just checking in on you wanting to know what fun things you have been up too? It means a lot more than a text.

One of my favorite things to do is to pick up puny cards when I see them at Target so I always have a few on stock when I think of a friend I haven’t heard from recently.

Give them some flowers, or a plant!

(So maybe this one isn’t for everyone in your life) – I wouldn’t recommend getting flowers for people who struggle with spring allergies. This can be a fun seasonal way to show them you were thinking about them and to brighten their day. It’s also really good for their health. Did you know, you’re supposed to have 1 house plant for every 100 square feet in your home to help maximize the air quality?

Bonus points if you can leave the greenery someplace they will find naturally versus just walking up to them and handing them a living object. There is something extra special about being surprised with a thoughtful gesture!

Maybe you don’t feel like driving to a store to buy some plants. I have two answers for you, 1) Trader Joes 2) Look outside. Spring has sprung so just be on the lookout when you’re outside. I just caution against taking flowers or plants from private property.

Invite them over for dinner or game night!

One of my favorite ways to reach out to friends I haven’t seen in a while is to invite them over to hang out. I bring out the nice silverware and board games for a night of casual fun and lots of conversation!

Sometimes we put a lot of pressure on relationships, and we forget to have fun. Spending time together without an agenda is a great way to get silly, laugh, and revive the fun in a friendship. When someone goes out of their way to appreciate you, it inspires you to do the same!

This week’s challenge

Write down the names of three people you want to go above and beyond for with kindness. Write out your act of kindness and execute on your plan!

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