Category: Reducing Stress

the link between sleep and productivity

Approximately 45 percent of American adults slept poorly in the last week. Without the recommended seven hours of sleep, reasoning, emotional stability, and work productivity take a serious hit. Even those who got the right quantity of sleep may not have gotten the quality necessary for the body to be fully rested. Better sleep opens […]

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Stress is a normal part of life. Regardless of your daily responsibilities and lifestyle, you’re bound to experience stress. And while stress can motivate a person to do better, too much of it can compromise a person’s overall health. Poor stress management can increase your risk of developing illnesses and diseases, which can adversely affect […]

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how to reduce workplace stress

Keeping busy is not only encouraged but also expected in today’s workplace. If you feel pressure to wear multiple hats in both your personal and professional life, you’re not alone. However, overexerting yourself can have serious consequences on your wellbeing. Learning how to reduce workplace stress is the best way to ensure you don’t feel […]

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